1 year Blogoversary!

A whole year since I started this here blog...

So much has happened so lets take a trip down memory lane shall we?

It all started here where I introduced myself and talked about why I disappeared from the blogging world a few years ago.

My love for makeup was obvious even then, before I knew I wanted to become a makeup artist...

And the drama began with my horrible dating life... well till this past April anyway...

Y'all remember Mr. Sensitive?? wow that was a year ago?! Seems like longer... I almost forgot about him and his wannabe rapper self! Remember how he demanded his $10 bootleg dvds back?? LOL I still laugh at that.

Then there was Mr.Pilot who quickly turned into Mr.Pisser (read to find out why) WOW what a douche he was! Probably one of the worst dates I've ever been on. If you haven't read about Mr.Pilot I suggest you do and I bet you end that post thinking "WHAT THE F??"...

My story about being blinded by "lust" with Mr.Souvlaki the funny walker.

Or the time someone opened up conversation with "hey there nice rack".

Who can forget my 25 reasons to get yo ass dumped post?! Which btw was all based on my real life experiences... Need a laugh? go read it!

Feeling a tad bit sorry for myself for being lonely and single...

My first hint of Mr.BF aka Mr.25 and wondering if age matters... Contemplating letting him go because he seemed SO innocent...

Going on a date with Mr.Crab just to keep my options open and realizing he was narcoleptic.

My encounter with a real life giant.

The moment I realized Mr.BF was deep.... the moment I realized I was deep :)

All the other events, silliness and random things that happened in the last year...

I forgot all about the fact that my Doctors middle initials were KY... oh there are so many jokes one could make about this... but shes nice so Ill refrain.

My quest to see how you all felt about the mustache (i still hate that word) and when they are or aren't ok.

Who can forget my questions on becoming cougar age and if by turning 30 I was now one.

The strange things I discovered like a cologne that was made to smell like meat?! Or the bacon flavored chap stick which still makes me cringe...

The joys of Toronto winters...

My first day back to school and being the oldest one in class... the bitch fights started really early on lol..

Some of my photoshoots during school... I had a blast creating these looks...

My post on drag queen makeup has earned me a TON of hits from google...go figure!

A day Ill never forget... The day The King of Pop passed away. RIP MJ

My horrible sun burn... which btw I still have that damn farmers tan!

OMG Mr.BF found my blog :O yikes... btw he has kept his word and hasn't logged on since... that I know of anyways lol...

My love for Kim Kardashian and how to get into her closet..

The Tornado of '09.

My first celebrity gig :)

Mich coming to visit for a 4th time!

and last but not least.... crazy Jesus girl!

Its been a blast sharing my life and randomness with you all. I love you guys, your comments and emails and hope you all stick with me for year #2!

Stay pretty ;)

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Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary, lady!

Andy said...

A year goes by quickly- I just had my 1-year blogaversary, too. Congrats!

Bombchell said...

congrats on ur blogoversary

*~kAy~* said...


Mich said...

OMG! a year already... wow! Happy Blogoversary darlin! Its been one hell of a year.


ps - mine is tomorrow! i started mine all thanks to you :) it was the best idea ever.

PorkStar said...

Congrats Far!

Pam said...


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