Im In Lust With A Giant!

Oh man I'm hurting today!

I think I'm still intoxicated too...

Last night was fun I met a guy who was 6'8 and I liked it :P However stupid Dennis Rodman stole him away and I was left chatting to a very drunk but sweet 30 something blond chick who kept apologizing for stealing the giant away.... grr

One would think it would be extremely easy to find a 6'8 guy in a lounge filled with shorties... Yeah not so much.. I looked, I found nothing... and my ego refuses to allow me to think he was hiding from me!

Stupid Rodman!

This is how my morning has gone so far...

  • woke up at 7:30am to a very annoying alarm
  • stayed in bed till 8:15am hoping to fall asleep and not caring if I was late
  • got up and realized that while my hair still looked fab but it smelled of smoke... damn smokers!
  • couldn't figure out what to wear
  • decided on the ugliest most bummy clothes cuz I just don't care
  • socks or no socks?
  • Ugh no socks and flats that make my jeans drag
  • coat or no coat?
  • coat... that doesn't match cuz once again I don't care
  • left the house only to realize in the elevator just how uncoordinated I look today
  • got in the car and wondered if I was still drunk
  • Stay home or be a champ and go to work?
  • Work wins... regretting it now
  • Decided I needed to get some breakfast to sober up
  • Head to Country Style drive through, order bagel with egg and cheese and lettuce
  • Saw worker picking her nose, wasn't the worker who made my bagel, drive off
  • got to work open bagel, not toasted enough, lettuce soggy and egg has no taste
  • open blogger, too retarded to type, had to enter password 4 times....
  • want to go home!
Lovely eh! And I'm gonna do it all over again next Thursday :D

Date with Mr.25 tonight... wouldn't it be ironic if I fell asleep haha.. I'm excited though :)

Tomorrow attending a DBQ - Drunk BBQ, then heading to a suburb bar owned by Farley Flex! Yup that's right I party like a freakin rockstar peeps!

Sunday..... PHOTOSHOOT!!!! I'm so excited about this one.. I have a photographer, hair stylist and 3 models all coming to my condo for the shoot... should be interesting..

Updates Monday...

Have a fab weekend lovies.

Stay Pretty ;)

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marathoner81 said...

Wow 6'8" - that's crazy tall...stupid rodman for stealing him.

Jun Loayza said...

Wow, so I've been telling my girlfriend that she should blog about her life. I mean sure, I think it's interesting because I'm her bf, but she was an journalism major in college that went into the finance world now so she's not really living her dream out.

I just recommended your blog to her because I feel it would be a great source of inspiration. I love your honesty and personal touch!

Just stumbled and submitted your site to Viralogy. Hope you get some great traffic from it.

- Jun

becky said...

got in the car and wondered if I was still drunk...this made me laugh lol. I know how that feels girl :)

Andhari said...

I'm always, always like that after a night out. I barely function all day and then do things that people may find "hilarious". Ouch!

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