Would You Do Bacon Flavoured Lip Balm?

Personally I'm gonna go with a big fat HELLZ NO on this for 2 reasons...
1) I'm Muslim so bacon ie.pork is outta the question for me.
YES I know this is just bacon flavored but let me explain. Because I have not tried bacon before (ok maybe one time in my childhood by mistake, who knew A&W teen burgers had bacon?) I don't really know the taste of it. Everyone goes on and on about how good it is but meh I choose to turn on my selective hearing at that point!

2) A meat flavored lip balm just sounds EW!

What do you think?
Would you purchase this bacon flavored lip balm?

Stay Pretty ;)

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Brian in Mpls said...

lol...yuck. Although I do have a friend who has a really weird meat fetish that might be interested

Anonymous said...

Eew! I hate bacon. I have a feeling only men would buy this...

Mich said...

what the ...???

no freakin way. that makes me want to vomit just thinking about it.

AC said...

EW that's so disgusting! I'll eat bacon every now and then, but LIP BALM!?!?! come on now!!!!!

If anyone I knew put that on, i'd be saying "Somebody's gonna get hurt!!!" LOL!!!!!!

Angela said...

I would NOT buy it. But I don't really care for bacon.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

as a bacon lover I'd have to pass. i don't need to taste or smell like bacon. did you know they also have bacon flavored vodka??

Dad.. said...

UGH.. heck to the NO!! Ya know.. I've also seen bacon scented air fresheners for your car. Would make a great gag gift I guess. LOL!

Born with a big mouth! said...

I love me soem bacon but GROSS!!!

hey are you gonna die your hair blond now too like Kim? :)

Far said...

LOL been there done that Erin... I was blonde for like 2 yrs back in my early 20s

kendrasue said...

As much as I love bacon, it would definitely be a no-go on the bacon lip balm. Yuck!

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