The day has finally come, need opinions on hair...

Do you guys remember this post about a bridesmaids dress I needed for a wedding?

Well that wedding is this Sunday!! Yay...

I will be walking in one of my closest friends wedding and although its going to be one long ass day I'm super excited to see my girl marry the love of her life! FYI they have been together for over 12 years so its about time!! lol

Its going to be a very interesting wedding with both Jewish (her) & Hindu (him) ceremonies & one massive reception.

We will be sporting some sexy Sarees in the AM for the Hindu ceremony and then changing into our dresses for the second ceremony and the reception.

Ill be doing my makeup (obvs) and one of the other bridesmaids, as well as eye makeup changes for some of the girls in between the 2 ceremonies.

How should I do my hair?? I want it all down or half up... here's a pic I found what do you guys think?

Stay Pretty ;)

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Enter My "Thank You" Contest NOW!!

I'm having this contest to say a massive THANK YOU to all my readers new and old and to all those who will now become a reader because they found this contest lol...

There will be 2 prizes and 2 winners!!
The winner will have the option to choose which prize they would like when they win.
This contest is open to everyone (men this means you too) so feel free to enter and tell ALL your friends ;)

Now on to the prizes!

(*includes some of my fav products!)
All items are new & have not been tested.
  • MAC Cosmetics "Frost" Pigment Sample*
  • Travel size makeup compact that includes brushes,blush,lipgloss & eyeshadow
  • N.Y.C Roll-On Lip Gloss in Watermelon* (I heart this gloss, so yummy and shiny)
  • Mimosa "Good Luck" rhinestone necklace
  • Listerine Whitening 2 strip sample pack
  • Bath & Body Works C.O.Bigalow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine
  • A mint copy of "Be honest, you're not that into him either" (a hilarious book that anyone single or taken can enjoy!)
  • $20.00 USD Online Gift Certificate @ Barnes & Noble
  • The pin # and all info will be emailed directly to the winner
  • Available only for US & Canadian residents
OMG Please tell me how I enter this amazing contest????
Thanks to my girl Jillian for this format ;)
- You will get 1 entry for being or becoming a Follower
(please let me know if you are or have become one in your comment)
- You will get 1 entry for leaving a Comment
(1 entry for a comment, not 1 per comment!!!)
- You will get 2 entries for posting this contest on your blog
(Please let me know if you write about my contest on your blog so I can add 2 entries to your name)

Contest Begins Thursday May 28th and ENDS 11:59pm Thursday June 11th
Winner will be announced Monday June 15th

Here are some pics of the prizes for your viewing pleasure!
If you have any questions/comments feel free to email me -

Prize #1

Prize #2

Cant wait to hear from you all!

Stay Pretty ;)

My Contest Will Be Announced Tomorrow!!

That's right peeps...

Ill be announcing my "Thank You" Contest details tomorrow so be sure to check back!!!

I'm going to make the prize as unisex as possible so everyone can enter ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

Today I feel....

Drained & Tired!!!!

How about you?
Just one of them days!!

Stay Pretty ;)

Photoshoot Teasers, One great date & Rockband Mania!

Good Monday Morning!

Is today a good day?

Not a bad one for me I gotta say!

I had quite the productive busy weekend...

Fridays date with Mr.25 went really well... However I am taking this one date by date...

Saturday the DrunkBQ wasnt such a drunk one for me... Due to a mix up I had to drive and so no drunkenness for me.. Oh and we never made it to the bar because well.... Rockband got turned on and although I vowed I would never play that game.... I ended up singing to No doubt and Alanis.
ONLY because the music was so loud and no one could hear us (I made my gf sing with me). That and the fact that one of the guys got 0% on the guitar and I figured we couldn't do worse than 0%....
We ended up with 77% for the first song and like 50% for the second lol.

Sunday was my big photoshoot. I had 3 models, 2 female and 1 male, a photographer and a hair stylist and her assistant all at my condo for the shoot. I managed to snap these pics but none of the male model yet so Ill just have to wait for the professional pics to come in.

We spent about 6 hours on the shoot and took well over 1000 pics. I'm super excited but here are some teaser pics that I took with my camera and my crackberry.

Stylist & Makeup Artist: Moi ;) Far
Models: Narges & Mira

Stay Pretty ;)

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Im In Lust With A Giant!

Oh man I'm hurting today!

I think I'm still intoxicated too...

Last night was fun I met a guy who was 6'8 and I liked it :P However stupid Dennis Rodman stole him away and I was left chatting to a very drunk but sweet 30 something blond chick who kept apologizing for stealing the giant away.... grr

One would think it would be extremely easy to find a 6'8 guy in a lounge filled with shorties... Yeah not so much.. I looked, I found nothing... and my ego refuses to allow me to think he was hiding from me!

Stupid Rodman!

This is how my morning has gone so far...

  • woke up at 7:30am to a very annoying alarm
  • stayed in bed till 8:15am hoping to fall asleep and not caring if I was late
  • got up and realized that while my hair still looked fab but it smelled of smoke... damn smokers!
  • couldn't figure out what to wear
  • decided on the ugliest most bummy clothes cuz I just don't care
  • socks or no socks?
  • Ugh no socks and flats that make my jeans drag
  • coat or no coat?
  • coat... that doesn't match cuz once again I don't care
  • left the house only to realize in the elevator just how uncoordinated I look today
  • got in the car and wondered if I was still drunk
  • Stay home or be a champ and go to work?
  • Work wins... regretting it now
  • Decided I needed to get some breakfast to sober up
  • Head to Country Style drive through, order bagel with egg and cheese and lettuce
  • Saw worker picking her nose, wasn't the worker who made my bagel, drive off
  • got to work open bagel, not toasted enough, lettuce soggy and egg has no taste
  • open blogger, too retarded to type, had to enter password 4 times....
  • want to go home!
Lovely eh! And I'm gonna do it all over again next Thursday :D

Date with Mr.25 tonight... wouldn't it be ironic if I fell asleep haha.. I'm excited though :)

Tomorrow attending a DBQ - Drunk BBQ, then heading to a suburb bar owned by Farley Flex! Yup that's right I party like a freakin rockstar peeps!

Sunday..... PHOTOSHOOT!!!! I'm so excited about this one.. I have a photographer, hair stylist and 3 models all coming to my condo for the shoot... should be interesting..

Updates Monday...

Have a fab weekend lovies.

Stay Pretty ;)

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Idol Spoiler & WHAT?! Dennis Rodmans 75??

So YES this is an American Idol spoiler so look away now if you still have it pvr'd and don't want to know :P


OK WTF?!!!
Adam baby I don't care if you lost... or quite frankly that you're gay I still want to marry you! Or at least mate with anyway I have to say this was the biggest upset Ive ever witnessed on Idol... but then again I rarely watch the show, except this year I tuned in to see Adam.... *drool*

I'm determined that Kris only won because hes from a smaller town. Its a fact that winners of A.I. are rarely if never from big cities cuz the people in bigger cities have better things to do with their lives than vote!

Yes this is what will help me sleep tonight lol...

Anyway ok Im over that... So guess what Im doing tonight??

You guessed it (or not) Ill be jammin with Dennis Rodman at his what... 75th birthday party here in the Tdot...wooot woot... I know youre all SO jealous!

Happy Birthday Rodman you crazy cross dressin summa bitch!!!

Also I have my 3rd date with Mr.25 tomorrow night... Hes actually surprising me I gotta say. We talk a lot... like at least twice a day.... which I gotta be honest is super weird for me cuz we all know I have issues letting someone get close these days but I guess cuz hes SO innocent and a "good guy" Ive lowered my guard a bit... ok I cant think about this too much or ill freak myself out haha..

This is also a huge weekend lots to do Ill let you guys in on the deets tomorrow..

BTW yesterday was 30° (some of you saw my tweet about this) YA well today... a cool 29°C!!

Its getting hot in herrrrrrr :P

Stay Pretty ;)

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(Almost) 100 Followers Contest Time?! Woohoo

Since I'm almost at 100 followers - woohoo! - Ive decided that I'm going to have another contest... mostly because I feel like its about time I did and also because I heart you guys :)

This time ill have a prize for both the men and women or maybe even a unisex prize.. not sure yet. I will be announcing the prizes next week so make sure you check back!

I would also like to give a huge shout out and BIG thank you to all my current readers/followers (don't really like that word though). I appreciate every email & comment I get so keep em coming ;)

You guys are the bestest!!!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Roller Coasters & a guy named Elvis?!

I trust you all had a spectacular weekend? Any stories?

Friday I had a wedding rehearsal and dinner for my girl AC who's wedding I'll be in on may 31st :) This was my first ever rehearsal... I really don't know what I was expecting but it went a lot shorter then I anticipated... The dinner was at a middle eastern buffet place which was SO yum... Felafel's MmmMM.... Oh and did I mention the belly dancer and the singer who was right next to me the entire time? He kept looking over with this creepy smile... gives me shivers just thinking about it hehe...

Saturday was bachelorette day! Me and 7 other girls headed to Canada's Wonderland... Our amusement park over here... It was cold & drizzly but that meant NO lineups! We had our funnel cakes which is reason enough to head to the park! I did however realize one thing after going on a few rides.... I'm way too old for this! I cant handle the roller coasters the way I used to... I never felt sick and dizzy before! I never came off each ride with a pounding headache before... Oye whats happening to me? Its ok I think I got my fix for the next 5 years!!

Here are some pics from the day...

After a long day at the park we came home, relaxed for a few hours and then headed to a restaurant/lounge for dinner and dancing. The grooms sister bought the bride this hilarious veil, thank god she was such a good sport about it even though it made her look like she had and extra pair of ears or something!

The night was super fun and I even met a guy named Elvis..... hmm is it wrong that I didn't want to respond to his flirting because his name was Elvis?! I mean Far and Elvis together forever sounds So wrong... no?

Sunday I had to attend a huge lunch event my parents were throwing. Why would they throw an "event" for 80 of their closest friends you ask? To say thank you for your friendship! YES my parents have more friends then I.... Party animals lol.. Anyway they rented out an Indian restaurant and although the food was delish I left there with Curry seeping from my pores... It was horrible I was even offending myself with the smell lol... I went home and had another shower because it was in my clothes.. everything... was the smell ever this bad in India?? Hmm I cant remember... oh wait.. I think it was masked by the filth on the streets...

Monday we had off so I chilled out... catching up on the hills and top model.. Yes I'm a reality show junkie... OMG Alison made it to the final 2 wow you go bird girl!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Long Weekend Bitches!

Here in Canada we have a long weekend.. No work today YAY!

So while I sit here catching up on some PVR, I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

I shall be back to blogging tomorrow.

Stay Pretty ;)

What?? Hes Gay?

Adam Lambert is gay??!!!

WTF where have I been?

WARNING: Pic below may or may not contain Adam and his....uh man?!
So if you don't want to see this look away now :P

I feel so duped!
Well there's another man I'll never have!

Stay Pretty ;)

Oh man hes deep already....

The good news.... He was respectful, sweet, funny, chatty, a gentleman & cute.... oh and he was wide awake the entire date!

The bad news..... He talks a lot when hes nervous & I'm sure now that I will end up corrupting his shy innocent self and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that responsibility...

Oh and hes pretty deep.... well deep enough for a second date! And I know this because when I held his hand (if I waited for him it would have never happened and I knew he wanted to anyway, yes im this bold :p) I caught him looking at our hands together a lot... like in an awww kinda way... or maybe it was an OMG I cant believe we are holding hands look, I don't know but it was something....

It was very cute but kinda scared me a little bit. I mean I dont know where I'm going with this. I have commitment issues. I don't want to break his 25 year old innocent shy heart..

Oye what to do...

I don't know if I'm ready for what I think hes wanting from me... Do I continue to see him (a really great guy) again knowing hes deeper than I? Or do I back away slowly and put him in the pile of men who are just probably a little to "good guy" for me...

Wait don't I want a "good guy"? Oh man ...... I'm so confused....

Alright ppl help me out...

AND he just msg'd me something sweet as I'm writing about him... of course!!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Its Date Night!

Me & Mr.25 have our second date tonight... movies.... hopefully he won't fall asleep!!!
Check tomorrow for the deets!

In other news.... I had forgotten just how amazing was!
The fact that they accept paypal is awesome cuz I have zero cash flow right now...
Check out my yummy purchase..

PINK SUGAR COCONUT CREAM Deluxe Detangler Body and Shine Conditioner


First of all I heart Pink Sugar by Aqualina its one of my fav scents so I'm excited about these bath products, second all these items are vegan friendly!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Birthday Sex?!

No its not my birthday, nor is this post about sex but it is about Birthday Sex by Jeremih???

Am I the only one who likes this song and thinks its catchy??
What do you think?? Not a good video but just listen....

So Mr.Crab Im'd me on msn yesterday and I asked him if he had heard this song... he said no so I sent him the link and his response was "meh".... This coming from a man who was so hyped about sending me a Colbie Caillat track....

A 33 yr old straight man who thinks Colbie is the shit... and falls asleep in movies on first dates....

THIS is who likes me!! wow... Just shoot me!

Stay Pretty ;)

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One down One who knows?!

Dear peeps,

I would like to thank you all for the kind words on Fridays post. I was and still am going through a very trying time in my personal family life and your comments, emails and messages really helped me feel loved.

I know some of you may want to know how my weekend went besides all the drama so why don't I share.

Although I was feeling quite down Friday I talked to my mommy and she told me not to cancel my plans for the weekend and to just go out and have fun. As you know I had a date planed with Mr. Crab for that night and decided that I should go and make the most of it.

He picked me up and we headed out for sushi at one of my favorite places. Dinner went well, conversation was ok.. I wouldn't say flowing but not bad either. He had an issue with eye contact that irritated me but I chocked it up to nerves and let it go.

He asked me at dinner if I was still up for seeing a movie and I said sure. We decided on Star Trek (which btw was awesome!! Even if you are like me and have never watched an episode of that show in your life...) We sit down and its packed not a single seat left. He turns to me and says "if I fall asleep wake me up".... ooooh kay...

Movie starts, the first half hour was fine... then at one point I look over and the man is fully sleeping. I giggled to myself and nudged him... he smiles and says sorry... we go back to watching...

10 minutes later his eyes are closed hes in a comfy position and his head is starting to slide. Do I wake him up again? He did tell me to not let him sleep... I nudge him again and say " do you want to watch or sleep, if you want to sleep I wont wake you up"... " no no I want to watch I'm SO sorry I'm awake now".....

I think you can see where this is going..... 5 mins later he was fast asleep and I didn't bother waking him up.

The man slept for 50% of our god damn date!!!

He woke up at the end and said "oh I guess I missed most of that huh" ... Uh YEAH!

He dropped me home and I pretty much said peace out and got outta the car... In my head I was thinking what a freakin waste of time that was and that he probably wasn't interested only as I left the car he said sorry again and said he had a really nice time... the next day he text me and wanted to know how my day was... if he wasn't interested why make contact? He msn'd me last night too...

I haven't been acting interested at all, Im kinda turned off to be honest.... If you know you fall asleep in movie why on earth would you take someone to one on a first date??!


As for my date with Mr.25 on Sunday... I canceled... I wanted to see him but was kinda overwhelmed with all the stuff going on personally as well as my retarded date on Friday. We did end up talking yesterday for hours and I have to say he was SO understanding and supportive of my situation (the personal one not the bad date, he didn't know about that).

I may see him Wednesday and I'm actually looking forward to it!
Kinda goes to show you that 33 or 25.. I guess age doesn't really matter... at least the 25 yr old didn't fall asleep on our first date!!!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Today Im feeling like this....

Today I am a VERY sad panda..... :(

Sorry just going through some ish right now... Ill post on Monday.
Hoping you all have a good weekend.....

Busy day but what do you think of this idea?

Ok so me and my girl are going to be hosting a singles event with a twist.

Each "single" who comes has to bring another single friend of the opposite sex to the party.
This ensures an even amount of men and woman and kinda makes it easier in terms of not being there alone...

Its going to be 25 and older event and it will be held at a lounge downtown with about 80 guests, 40 men and 40 women.. this way the singles will have time to mingle before the lounge opens and the dj starts...

What do you guys think? Would you go to an event like this?
If there are any singles in the Toronto area email me if you're interested in joining us :)

Stay Pretty ;)

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From 25 to 33!

Ok so you all remember my 25 year old boy dilemma right? Well he asked me out again and while I'm pretty sure we have our differences and that I don't wanna corrupt him despite Brian in Mpls urges to do so! Anyway so I decided to go and see how I feel after... So Sunday we are seeing a movie... any suggestions as to which one?

I have also recently met a 33 year old who we shall call Mr. Crab cuz hes a cancer... We have been talking more recently and he asked me out for dinner... SO Friday night Ill be having dinner and maybe ice cream with Mr. Crab. He seems more suitable for me but who knows...

Truthfully as much as I want to be in a relationship there is a huge part of me that's scared to commit again. Ive technically been "single" for almost 2 years and while Ive gone on multiple dates I just haven't found anyone worth committing to... maybe I never will...

One thing I do know is that I'm SO not the cat lady type!

This is going to be one interesting weekend!

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Gotta love foreign packaging!

My brother and sister in-law were in China and Taiwan over the last 2 weeks for business and to see her family and friends. They brought me back some goodies check it out..

2 boxes of false lashes which a MUA always needs, eyelash glue, a super sparkly eyeshadow and a lengthening mascara. She said there were from Korea. Gotta love that foreign packaging.. "It make you look has eyelash" hehe...

I'm excited to try these out, especially the mascara... You guys have no idea how happy I get when I receive makeup/beauty gifts lol it totally made my day :)

Stay Pretty ;)


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