Its going to be one crazy weekend!

This weekend I have a lot going on and I think I may need a few red bulls to get through it.

Tomorrow morning I got an amazing gig. Its for a magazine shoot with an actor and its the first time my work is being published in a mag so I'm excited :)

IF I can get out in time I will then head straight to the airport to pick up my long time favorite west coast friend Mich who's coming to town just to visit me for the weekend :)

Here we are on her trip here last year

Tomorrow night me and Mich have dinner/catch up on our lives plans. We need to take it easy because Friday bright and early we are driving to Niagara Falls & Buffalo for some cross border shopping.We will probably arrive home really late as we want to make the most of it.

Saturday we will probably head down to harbourfront for a stroll by the water, then its party time as we head downtown to party it up with all our friends.

Sunday I have a gig doing a brides bridal shower makeup but I'm also invited so I shall be there all afternoon.

Monday I head back to work and then after work I have to take Mich to the airport as she leaves me :(

Bring on the red bulls!!!

Oh and get this.... Mr.BF was at my place yesterday before I got home and cleaned practically the entire place so I wouldn't have to do it when I got home from work because he knew Mich was coming.... WOW! Could I be any luckier??? Yes ladies he even cleaned the bathrooms!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mich said...

things im excited for this weekend:

- meeting Mr BF (he sounds A-MAZ-ING!)
- Buffalo and Niagra!
- Thursday
- Friday
- Saturday
- Sunday
- Monday

and most importantly SEEING YOU!!!!!

24 hours.... only 24 more hours...

i need to pack tonight... how many pairs of shoes is too many??? LOL

edder said...

Uh....HELLO? I'm over here....


Mich! (And sorry MESO for using your blog as a message board) Make sure you bring a pair of flipflops or comfy sandals for Sunday. You do NOT want to be pegged a tourist in my neighbourhood. They're the hoochies who wear heels on the boardwalk.

Jillian said...

aaahh so much fun for you gals!!

i need to come to canada!


can't wait to see the pics?!!?!

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