One down One who knows?!

Dear peeps,

I would like to thank you all for the kind words on Fridays post. I was and still am going through a very trying time in my personal family life and your comments, emails and messages really helped me feel loved.

I know some of you may want to know how my weekend went besides all the drama so why don't I share.

Although I was feeling quite down Friday I talked to my mommy and she told me not to cancel my plans for the weekend and to just go out and have fun. As you know I had a date planed with Mr. Crab for that night and decided that I should go and make the most of it.

He picked me up and we headed out for sushi at one of my favorite places. Dinner went well, conversation was ok.. I wouldn't say flowing but not bad either. He had an issue with eye contact that irritated me but I chocked it up to nerves and let it go.

He asked me at dinner if I was still up for seeing a movie and I said sure. We decided on Star Trek (which btw was awesome!! Even if you are like me and have never watched an episode of that show in your life...) We sit down and its packed not a single seat left. He turns to me and says "if I fall asleep wake me up".... ooooh kay...

Movie starts, the first half hour was fine... then at one point I look over and the man is fully sleeping. I giggled to myself and nudged him... he smiles and says sorry... we go back to watching...

10 minutes later his eyes are closed hes in a comfy position and his head is starting to slide. Do I wake him up again? He did tell me to not let him sleep... I nudge him again and say " do you want to watch or sleep, if you want to sleep I wont wake you up"... " no no I want to watch I'm SO sorry I'm awake now".....

I think you can see where this is going..... 5 mins later he was fast asleep and I didn't bother waking him up.

The man slept for 50% of our god damn date!!!

He woke up at the end and said "oh I guess I missed most of that huh" ... Uh YEAH!

He dropped me home and I pretty much said peace out and got outta the car... In my head I was thinking what a freakin waste of time that was and that he probably wasn't interested only as I left the car he said sorry again and said he had a really nice time... the next day he text me and wanted to know how my day was... if he wasn't interested why make contact? He msn'd me last night too...

I haven't been acting interested at all, Im kinda turned off to be honest.... If you know you fall asleep in movie why on earth would you take someone to one on a first date??!


As for my date with Mr.25 on Sunday... I canceled... I wanted to see him but was kinda overwhelmed with all the stuff going on personally as well as my retarded date on Friday. We did end up talking yesterday for hours and I have to say he was SO understanding and supportive of my situation (the personal one not the bad date, he didn't know about that).

I may see him Wednesday and I'm actually looking forward to it!
Kinda goes to show you that 33 or 25.. I guess age doesn't really matter... at least the 25 yr old didn't fall asleep on our first date!!!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Brian in Mpls said...

That is hilarious!! Although I kind of know what it is like no matter what when I get on a plane I fall asleep 5 minutes after take too many years taking the red eyes, but I guess I probably would never be in a plane on a first date so i guess that works.

marathoner81 said...

I would be SOOOO annoyed if a guy fell asleep on our first date. Like you said...he should have avoided the movie. Obviously he knows he has a problem, or else he wouldn't have said anything. But, then again, if that's his only flaw, i'd take that over a lot of other crap guys have pulled.

miss cindy said...

I would've been pretty upset by the whole falling asleep. But you were so nice about it. I probably would've left him there :) Good luck with the Mr. 25 on Wed!

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