Ive been blinded by love or likes one 2 many time!

Ok Ill admit it... I dated a funny walker!!.... for an entire year too.. We shall call him Mr. Souvlaki

The only way to describe Mr.Souvlaki's walk would be to say it was almost like he had a pickle up his bum and was always dressed in invisible tight leather chaps!

I met him at a lounge. It was dark, I was tipsy and I wasn't really paying too much attention to him because his friend was following me around like a mosquito so I didn't notice the "walk". I must have noticed it on our first date (it was so long ago I don't remember but really how could I not right?) but he was sweet and interesting and we sat most of the date anyway so when he asked to see me again I agreed to a second date. Date 2 lead to 3...10...50 etc.. fast forward about 10 months, a bunch of lies (on his part), excuses and arguments and I was no longer blind. The "walk" stood out more... it became embarrassing and truth be told it added to my already fading feelings for Mr Souvlaki.

I ended things a few months after and we remained civil. I saw him a few times in the following year after the break up for coffee or a drink and each time I left I shuddered a little to think I was actually his gf for so long.

The worst part is when I mentioned it after the break up to my girls they all let out a massive sigh of relief and I knew exactly what that meant.... They could finally talk about it. They could finally ask me how it never bothered me or why the heck he walked like that to begin with. The only answer I could ever come up with was I don't know... I guess the saying love is blind is true... what about likes though? Im not so convinced I was ever in love with him...

Have you ever been blinded by love or likes?? What did you overlook then that makes you want to gag now??

Stay Pretty ;)

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The Dutchess of Kickball said...

OMG, I love that snail picture!

Anonymous said...

Love the new header!

ReRe said...

i dated a guy who was very pigeon toed. i had to end things when he demanded to hold hands while walking down an escalator. that was a sign that he didn't care about my safety -- because clearly he could have tripped over his toes and killed us both right there in the mall.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Oh my god! Worse than Funny Walker is Laughs Loudly At His Own Jokes. Both are deal breakers, though I know it makes me shallow. A guy doesn't have to look like Brad Pitt, but if he laughs loudly at his own jokes... that's a problem.

Maybe if I got to know the guy first and fell in love with him that way...

Liana said...

well it's probably good that Mr. Souvlaki's out if your girls are relieved! i'll have a piece of sushi for you tonight!! we're leaving in an hr im like watching the clock haha

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

I was married to a mama's boy - the kind of mama's boy that still has an umbilical cord attached. He totally disgusts me now.

Little Fish said...

hmmm... blinded by like? Nope, no idea what you're talking about. The bi-polar, recovering cocaine addict I dated in my early 20's was a real quality guy :P

Alexa said...

is mr souvlaki greek? ; )

Djen said...

yup !! it happened to me too. Now, it's over....

Far said...

Dutchess - hehe me 2 its hilarious

Peter - thanks Mr :)

Rere - ok seriously you crack me up girl! Safety first!!

Your Ill fitting overcoat - OMG yes loud laughs can make you want to slide down in your chair with embarrassment especially when he laughs at his own jokes!

Liana - oh yes not only was I happy he was gone so were they! PS- how was the sushi? im jealous!

Kat - yikes mama's boy huh? i feel for you those can be some of the worst!

Little Fish - yikes lol.. thanks god hes gone huh! I blame youth for our poor choices lol..

Alexa - ;) You are correct hehe.. a hairy greek boy!

Djen - At least we can look back and laugh or see our mistakes right?!

Bird * said...

bad breathe (i know!!)
messed up teeth

Bitchalina said...

assface used to say everything twice!!! I wanted to yell, "I HEARD YOU DAMN IT!!" but instead i just built a knack for blocking him out, and then i booted him out!

aimay C. T said...

I was googling a pic for my blog entry, "love is blind" and this snail pic pooped up.. i clicked it and it linked to ur blog... guess i cant use it now :( but i like what ur writing.. so im gonna follow u :)

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