Where did the summer go?...

Well we are now only a week away from dare i say it... FALL! Where did the summer go? Did we even have a summer? Cuz all i saw was rain, rain and oh wait more RAIN! From rain to cold weather... sigh... Oh Canada!!

OK I wont lie I do love Autumn. The leaves changing, thanksgiving (yum), halloween (any excuse to eat bite sized candy I love!), the crisp air, the fall fashions, the fact that I can once again hide my belly under a nice comfy sweater (I know you ladies feel me), the excuse to wear dark colors :) and of course I cant leave out my fav pumpkin spice latte from "*bucks" .

Anyway in preparation for the changing season I thought it was about time I organized my makeup collection. Well most of it anyway so check out my solution to a neater bathroom.

I purcahsed this small 5 drawer unit from walmart i believe it was $9.99.

Everything is neat and tucked away each in its own drawer organized by product type :) except for the last drawer which is the misc. drawer...

I also tested out some more colors on the eye shadow palette I talked about yesterday... This time I went with a shimmery green and gold theme....

Stay Pretty!


Anonymous said...

you have the most beautiful eyes!!!

cant wait to read your blog constantly!

-- Mich :)

ClassyBitch! said...

im in makeup heaven!

Mira said...

i want to come over and steal your first drawer? I'm not greedy, just the first drawer!!:D

Alise said...

Can I come over!?!?!?! :)

Himbo said...

Again, nice work with colors. You should move to LA and be a celebrity makeup artist. Anyway, this look reminds me of Tinkerbell.

I feel like a dummy cuz I didn't realize you guys celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada. A reminder of how ignorant I am sometimes :P

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