First Bitch Fight of the School Year!!

Yup so you guessed it and I SO called it... in a class full of 10 - 20 something year olds it was bound to happen.... 2 catty fights in one day in a matter of minutes... and yes I the 30 year old was involved in one...

We had just finished a intense test and were all still a bit drained from it when an argument broke out between 2 girls about the right or wrong answer on the test and who should get the marks... to break the tension in the room another girl broke out the class inside joke which is from the Dave Chappelle skit... so shes all like "holla,holla... lemme holla at you girl, holla" so since its the class joke once one person hollas the rest kinda follow... so thats when the class Bitch lost it and was like "its so stale now, i dont care its so stale just stop that now" which wouldnt have been a big deal but the 50 pounds of attitude she was carrying with it kinda rubbed people the wrong way, like really its a joke and we are trying to lighten the mood RE-freakin-LAX!

So this is where I opened my big mouth and said "oh come on its funny".... well that there did it! She lost it on me and told me to "shut up"... oh no she didnt!! Oh NO I didnt just get told to shut up for NO reason by a immature 20 year old!!! Well im sorry im a really nice person whos always friends with everyone but if you come at me with that kind of attitude for zero reason you best believe Im gonna say something back... and so I did.. annnnnd she only got more angry and rude so I dropped it.... We got let out for lunch I although I was really mad I quickly calmed down and was my cheerful self when I returned to class.... She on the other hand proceeded to call ME immature (behind my back but newsflash I have ears!!!) ... YEAH im the immature one huh! LOL anyway its SO 10 years ago for me... like I really cant deal with that kinda drama anymore but it was kinda funny...

I would also like to point out that our male teacher literally just sat back and watched us fight... he watched both fights and did nothing... Im not sure im really ok with this but whatever.. WAY too much PMS in our class im tellin ya!

OoOOoO and the Make up school drama begins... 10 girls, 1 male teacher, 1 tiny classroom, 8 hours together, 10 different personalities... WHAT will happen next lol.... thank god im only there for 3 months!!

Oh and I also found out today that 3 of the girls from my class all made out with each other at this party I was supposed to go to friday while they were drunk... can you say awkward monday morning?!!!

Stay Pretty and drama free!! ;)



ReRe said...

this should be on Bravo! i'd sooo watch!

Born with a big mouth! said...

oh no .... I would have gone off on that girl. I ma not a fighter, but uh huh ... don't talk under your breath at me !!!

good job on not losing it on her!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh my god haha! I agree, I'd love to be a fly on the wall :)

Andy said...

"I also found out today that 3 of the girls from my class all made out with each other at this party I was supposed to go to friday while they were drunk....."

This went at the bottom of your story?

Also- I can't believe she told you to shut up.

jr said...

girlfriend, drama just follows you! Too bad you and I aren't in the class together. We know all the bees I can catch with my honey - NOT! Member how sweet I was to you when we met at work?? lol!

Maxie said...

hahaha I love me some dramz. I'm sure each class has at least 1 bitch.

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