Easy Come Easy Go....

Thank you all for your comments on yesterdays post. After having a few more conversations with mr "5 years" (younger btw) I think Ive realized that while he seems mature and on the same page as me or so hes says I just don't think hes aggressive enough for me. Maybe it has to do with his age, maybe it doesn't but I know what I'm looking for and what type of relationship I need.

Also the fact that I think I would totally corrupt him doesn't sit well with me!

He just seems so innocent and well, inexperienced. I'm not talking #'s I just mean situation wise... I feel like Ive been through way more than him and in turn handle things different.

I need someone who knows what he wants and isn't intimidated by me or what I want. Apparently Ive been told by my gf that I'm intimidating to men because I'm independent..... BAH I don't buy that!!

Now... how to let Mr 5yrs down easy...

In other news... Today is my ex's bday. The ex who I broke up with nearly 2 years ago... my last serious bf (wow its been 2 freakin years)... We don't talk anymore after his 1 full year attempt at getting me back and F'n that up too, but he did send me a nice text for my birthday in Jan.

A call isn't required right?? I mean a nice friendly "hey happy birthday have a good one" text is ok right?

Ugh I hate this part... I feel like I'm opening up closed doors... but I guess its the nice/mature thing to do so FINE!

Stay Pretty ;)



Anonymous said...

Well, the one time I ever dumped a guy for a rational reason (ie, not getting in a fight and screaming "that's it! I can't take it anymore! It's over.") I used "you take the L out of lover, so now it's over." Ok.. so I screamed that out the bus window to him when I was in 8th grade, but still... it worked.

Far said...

LOL @ liferahab thats hilarious... im so gonna steal that!

marathoner81 said...

No don't text him...don't do anything. You don't talk to him anymore for a reason...right?

Far said...

@marathoner81 yeah but I feel bad I mean he texted me and I feel like I should be civil at least... I dunno

miss cindy said...

A text can't be that bad though right?

Mich said...

oops i missed yesterdays post! (but you already knew my opinion LOL). 5 years either way would be my limit.

if he is 25 and your 30 but he acts mature and you FIT than who cares about his age.

the thing i would have an issue with is if you look at him and all you see is a "youngin". i have a freind who is actually a year older than me but for some reason i ALWAYS think hes younger. like 21 or 22... its just in how he acts.

also - i would have to say no to the b-day text. its openeing doors and communication that doesnt need to be opened. especially after the last 2 years.

Far said...

Grr what to do... if I dont text Ill feel like a bitch or like im being immature so yeah im just gonna do it...

in 5,4,3,2,1...... SENT!!!

LiLu said...

I'd text a quick HB, but if he tries to continue the conversation, you can make sure it ends.

Pam said...

Texting him can't hurt. I used to call or text or email my ex's for their b-days. Eventually you move on enough where you forget and you both move on.

As for the guy (yeah, I missed yesterdays post too), if he doesn't act mature or doesn't seem like he could keep up with you, then let him go. Besides 25 year old boys are not that mature. Trust me, I'm married to one. He still likes to go to the toy section in every store.

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