Always wanted to smell like flame broiled meat? Nows your chance!

So I heard on the radio this morning that Burger King has released a body spray... yes that's right your favorite burger joint famous for its Whoppers has now expanded to scents! According to the website for the fragrance it is a scent of seduction with a hint of flame broiled meat.

Im sorry but who on earth actually wants to smell like flame broiled meat?? I mean unless of course you are trying to attract animals cuz well then this body spray is a no brainer, but then I suppose if you are trying to attract animals you've got bigger issues than what scent you are wearing!

You can purchase this body spray here for only $3.99! After I went to the purchase page I realized that there had already been reviews on the product so here are some actual reviews :P
Mantastic! December 15, 2008
Reviewer: Frank Reynolds from Philadelphia, PA
After viewing the commercial, I knew this spray had to be mine. Once received, I engulfed my less than satisfactory body with your cow meat scent.
At first, I was discouraged because the neighborhood dogs started chasing me as if they were in heat. I made it inside just in time. Soon after, my girlfriend came over.
I was skeptical at first, but when she appeared from the kitchen, double fisting ketchup bottles, I knew I was golden. Her love of hamburgers had finally worked out to my advantage.
It was the first time she let me put my "hamburger" in her "bun." That night, she had it her way; I gave her the best Whopper she's ever had, and that's saying a lot.
Thanks again Ricky's! I'm sure you did this for the lulz, I know I did.

I love this stuff!!! December 15, 2008
Reviewer: john srout from new york, NY United States
I used to work at BK when I was a lot younger. The smell left on me after an 8 hour shift was so yummy delicious that I wouldn't shower until the next day or so.
Thanks ricky's!! Now I can smell like the good ol days even after a shower!!!

I see now that there actually are people who enjoy smelling of flame broiled meat!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Matt said...

I am buying that right now.

I hope they have a bulk buy discount

surviving myself said...

I fucking love this idea - so awesome.

Liana said...

i can't believe this is serious?? SO gross!

Jossie Posie said...

I don't know if it would turn me on...but I do envision some biting going on.

Andy said...

Isn't there some perverted joke about spraying this on your crotch? No? Good. I won't make one then.

Bon Don said...

Who doesn't love the smell of meat? I think I just might buy it so people can walk through my door and instantly want to eat meat...

Wait a minute Far! This sounds like a set-up to hear all the phallus comments!! Dirty Girl

Anonymous said...

But I LOVE the smell of flame broiled meat!

(No, I really do.)

Bird * said...

so. nasty. ew. barf.

The Loss Adjuster said...

Couldn't smell any worse than the other "manly" body sprays. I think I'll avoid it anyway.

Sam said...

I tried it, but I could only pick up fatties. Figures.

S. said...

This is disturbing but absolutely HILARIOUS at the same time!? Inbreeds, I'm sure.

OmegaRadium said...

Thank you for posting life is now complete! :P

Little Fish said...

There's a Rickys right on my block! I'm gonna run right over there after work today. Now if only I could find a man who smells like fries, we'd be perfect!

God, I hope people know that I'm kidding and that I haven't angered any Vegans out there. Oh who am I kidding Vegans are always angry.

Far said...

LOL you guys are hilarious! How did I know the guys would LOVE this idea lol

Anonymous said...


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