Welcome to my Everyday Soap (Opera).....

Im not new to the world of blogging but me and blogging have been in a fight for a few years... I think its time to make up!

Allow me to introduce myself…. My Name is Far. Im a late 20 something year old Capricorn who LOVES makeup, shoes, jewelry, fashion… im what they call a true girly girl :)

A few years ago I had a blog…. it was real… it was me and it was a small window into my life at the time. It was great, a lot of my friends were daily readers and i even somehow ended up being read daily by a lot of bloggers i didnt know who somehow found their way into my world. I loved it and actually felt like people found my life just as amusing as i did :)

I ended up dating on of those random bloggers. After becoming friends we eventually ended up dating for approx 6 months… whoa that was an intense 6 months that really felt like at least a year.. we spent almost everyday together and it was great until he did a total psycho 180 and turned into a man i now refer to as “the bastard” :)…. needless to say it became VERY difficult for me to keep a blog going that #1 i knew he was still reading and #2 that was the reason i had met said bastard. So i shut’r down with much objection from my daily readers but it had to be done for my own sanity….

Since then i have not had the drive or patience to hold a daily blog but i think it is now time to step back into sharing my life with the world… or most of it anyway lol… So welcome to my sometimes crazy, almost always entertaining life….

Feel free to say hi, leave me a comment or suggestion or just holla as i love hearing from YOU… ;)

Stay Pretty….



ClassyBitch! said...

hi! luber!

mira said...

Blogging is fun!!^_^ Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I rarely get a chance for a good holla, so I am taking it now.

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