Oh high school... how I DONT miss you!

Open letter to all the people who thought they were SO cool in high school.

Like it wasnt bad enough I was the minority at every school I went to from grade 1- high school graduation, it wasnt bad enough that I got called every racist name in the book some of which didnt even apply to me you ignorant idiots, that no one wanted to talk to me because I wasnt the same skin colour as you, that you listed to a crazy rumor from a crazier girl from a messed up home who craved attention so much she told you all something that was 100% false about me and you all believed her, that you made it impossible to get to the upstairs washroom during school because you all sat along the walls like you owned it with your legs stretched out, much too lazy to move them but, to still be like that is just pure lame!

We are 31 years old.... If I can learn to forgive, move on and truthfully succeed far past you and your druggie/hoebag buddies I think you can learn to at least grow up!

The minority chubby girl from high school who secretly laughs at you now!

ps- sorry to hear you are getting divorced after what 1yr of marriage? Bet you are regretting putting up the pics, status updates and link to your wedding website on facebook now arent ya! Guess your soon to be exs couldn't stand you either!

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Stuck in a rough place....

This month has been seriously nuts... in both good ways and bad ways...

It all started when my dear aunt passed away and I watched my cousins and my uncle whom I love so much hurt so bad... it was hard but in a way brought the family closer. The week this was all going on I had a wee bit of friend drama because I simply couldn't keep past hurt feelings to myself during this emotional time when it was prompted from me. It wasnt the time nor the place for petty drama so I pushed it to the side and continued on to my west coast vacation with Mr.BF as planned.

We spent a week in BC and Seattle hanging out with family, visiting mountains and oceans and getting away from all the stresses of our life back home. I go to BC every summer to visit my grandfather (who turned 90 this year) for his bday but this year was so much more special. I brought with me the love of my life.... The man who needed my grandfathers approval (which he got!). It brought us closer together and I can honestly say I feel more sure and in love then ever before.

We came back from BC with smiles on our faces only to find out that his grandfather had collapsed from a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. I have spent the last few days since it happened by Mr.BF's side in the hospital as he stares at his grandfathers heart rate monitor.

Ive watched him be the rock for his family but get teary eyed when we are alone... Ive gotten an excited call at 2am letting me know grandpa opened his eyes... which is huge news considering he is in a coma... Ive sat by the bed in a freezing cold ICU ward watching him watching grandpa... Ive had to beg him just to grab a bite to eat or to leave his side for a few hours to sleep... its been very tough on us all.

This is all happening the week one of my best friends is getting married. She marries the love of her life this Saturday and I'm the maid of honor. I want to be there with her every night to run errands and support her leading up to one of the most important days of her life but I feel so torn.

What do you do when your stuck between something SO sad and something SO happy? Unfortunately the sad always takes priority because its so hard to watch someone you love so much hurt so bad......

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Earthquakes and Tornados and G20 Summits Oh My!

I was sitting here staring out the window daydreaming when I felt the building sway from side to side... now I wasn't alarmed since the building tends to move sometimes but this time it lasted a good 30 seconds...


I know Toronto's been hit before with tiny tremors before but nothing like this one... 5.5 on the richter scale at 1:44pm today. As we shook and shook we all looked at each other wondering if indeed this was an earthquake or something else... that's how NOT used to it we are over here.. (how do you californians deal with this over and over)

I headed over to twitter and tweeted about the shaking only to scroll down and see I wasn't the only one. People as far away as Cleavland felt the tremors and its said the the epicenter was in Quebec.

I knew the jokes about Quebec trying to separate from the rest of Canada again were inevitable but then the jokes about the possible tornado tonight and the G20 summit happening here over the next few days filled twitter...

Its dark and gloomy here now and as people start to chill out and realize ok that wasn't so bad life begins to get back to normal... until tonight's Tornado that is...

Will I be home taking cover under a blanket? NO ill be accessory shopping for my besties bday (which is today happy bday girl I got you and earthquake!) party on Saturday... Shopping stops for nothing!

Anyone else feel today's quake??


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Wow is anyone still here?? Its update time!

There are time when I don't even remember this blog BUT Ive decided to keep it up because every now and then I have the urge to write.

So lets see whats happened since Ive last posted...

My freelance makeup career has taken off and I'm busier than ever and recently found out my work has landed on 5 billboards across Brazil crazy huh?!! I feel so blessed!

In other news....

Well me and Mr25(now 26) aka Mr.BF are still together :O Shocking I know considering my past dating life!

We traveled together last november to Punta Cana, had our first xmas and new years together, partied for both our birthdays, had our first valentines together aww, and the biggest deal we celebrated our 1 year anni on May 7th with a trip to Niagara Falls which was special. He got me a diamond "Journey" Pendant which kinda looks like this...

Only mine is gold not white gold.....Isnt it gorge?

I'm still happy and crazy in love with a man I never thought would make it past a month simply because of his age...

I have definitely learned that age is just a number.... don't get me wrong there are times when I have to remind myself that hes only 26 and therefore hasn't gone through as many life experiences as me but overall you really cant help who you fall in love with.

He treats me better than any man (including the ones 10 yrs older) Ive ever been with. Hes kind, gentle, honest, loyal and would do anything in his power to make me happy so really how could I ask for anything more right?

There has been some talk of the future but nothing has happened as of yet but you never know right?! ;)

Well I'm not so sure how many people will stop and read this but I just felt I needed to share an update on here.


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Shutting it down :( Le Tear

Does anyone still read this blog?

I'm thinking about shutting it down cuz honestly I've been a very bad blogger and I simply don't have time or anymore juicy stories to post now that I'm in a happy stable relationship lol.

I have another blog dedicated to my makeup life which now takes up all my time if anyone would like the blog address please email me everydaysoap@gmail.com.

Stay Pretty ;)


Kim Kardashian gets attacked by giant hand...

Is it me or does that chicks hand on Kim's shoulder look giant sized?

Just sayin...

Stay Pretty ;)

Can Snookie's Poof get any higher?

So Snookie from the Jersey Shore posted this pic on her twitter of their appearance on Leno.

Is it me or does snookies "poof" get higher and higher with each appearance?
JWOOWWW looks hot,
The situation actually looks like a normal nice guy instead of a creeper giggalo,
Pauly D looks possessed,
Sammi's face looks like the same whiny I hate the world face she always has on so nothing new there,
and Ronnie...well he just looks like his happy go lucky la la la I live in my own bubble regular self.

How long could their fame really last? I mean can snookies poof really get any higher? Is she trying to somehow be as tall as JWOWW?

Anyways season 2 of these fist pumping guidos and guidettes airs this summer... cant wait lol

Stay Pretty ;)

So What Happens When you Google "Guidette"


Honestly WHO desires to look like this or date this? WHO?

Pure Fugs!

Happy Birthday 2 me....

Ok so my bday was this past saturday the 16th but you know its really a month of celebrations for us girls no?

Anyways ive been a crappy blogger... well on this blog anyways I have another blog for my makeup stuff if anyone wants it leave a comment here with your email addy and ill send you the link.

So remember how Mr.BF got me this fab ring for xmas?
Well I got the matching necklace for my birthday!
Loves it :)

I also got these as part of my gift from my mama :)

Overall a fab bday :) Thanks for all the wishes

Stay Pretty ;)

Hello 2010!

Over the holidays I went to LA for my cousins wedding and let me tell you it was BRRR! When you think of California you generally think of sun,beaches,celebs & fake boobs but let me tell you i saw none of that lol...

No I had a great time I only wished I had more time to sight see. We had a connecting flight on the way home. Cali>Denver>Toronto and on the flight from Denver to Toronto I was seated next to a young guy with a buzz cut. Right away he began to chat with me, apologizing for smelling of smoke and offering me several time to use his movie screen on the back of the headrest in front of him as mine was broken. Sweet yes, he even went as far as to offer me his portable dvd player but I just didn't feel right taking it lol.

As we chatted it came out that he was 20, in the US Air Force and stationed in the UK where he was headed via Toronto. He seemed nervous, fidgety and like he just needed to keep talking. He asked me all kinds of questions about Canadians which I found amusing, he told me all about the airplane we were on including the fact that we were pretty much free falling... He asked me what the drinking age was in the air and at one point he even found it amusing that the arm rest between us lifted up and offered to cuddle with me... I laughed it off and put the arm rest back down.

Near the end of the flight I asked his name... Matthew he said... but he never asked mine. As we deplaned he walked along side me until customs where we said our casual goodbyes and went our separate ways.

He was a character but it made one heck of a flight home since I usually get stuck to people who sleep the whole flight.

I came home and spent new years with Mr.BF and his family. Really low key, really sober & really glad to be entering into a new year with him :)

I hope you all had a fun and exciting holiday and new year. Here's to a wonderful 2010!!

Stay pretty ;)

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