"Hey there Nice Rack!"

I have to say you men really need to be a bit more creative when it comes to pick up lines...

This weekend I was at a bar that was playing all drum and bass.. now normally I don't mind listening to a lil D&B but not in a bar/club environment where I always feel like I need to be tripping on E or something to enjoy it. It seemed like everyone in there was high and how exactly does one dance to D&B??? All they were doing was jumping around with their arms out like a bird!

Anyway I wont even get into why we ended up there... lets just say there was promise of hot guys which ended up being short, ugly men instead! So I'm standing there with the people I came with and I got introduced to a guy who was a friend of a friend.... everything was cool till he comes to sit beside me and opens his conversation with "hey there..... you have a nice rack"....

REALLY?!! First of all thanks but Ive had these babies since I was 9 and am quite aware just how nice my rack is... I'm pretty sure I don't need YOU to tell me! Second was there nothing better you could have said?... nothing?! Or is this the kinda of Rico Suave shit pick up lines men think will get you somewhere these days?!

Or maybe this is what my life has come to... attracting AMAZING men like this!

Awesome! btw I'm back on lava (don't even ask me why cuz it sucks balls) and let me just say 50 yr old men with missing teeth heart me! I'm sorry but WHAT about my pic or profile says you would even have a chance?! Maybe the older they get and the more teeth they loose the more balls they gain?! lol.... who knows.... just venting!

Stay Pretty ;)



Jeremy James said...

I bet he couldnt just help himself and say that. Congrats if u do, - so D & B, what music exactly were they playing??

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