Im a total people watcher!

I realized something this weekend...
I'm a total people watcher!

Leave me in a crowded place and I could be amused for hours just watching others..

On the subway I tend to look at peoples shoes... I like to see what peoples shoes say about them.. Why they chose to wear certain shoes or where they may be going in those shoes..

In malls I could sit there on a bench and watch peoples behavior. I watch families and see how the parents react to the children screaming or watch a new couple who must hold hands at all times even when there is no space on an escalator and he is standing behind her..
Or even the random single shopper who looks so assertive and focused on what they came to the mall to do...
Oh and who can leave out the flocks of pre-teen and teenagers who got dropped off at the mall by mommy so they could slap on some lipstick, hike up their skirts and meet with the boys.

I even people watch on TV for gods sakes!
Reality show junkie here HELLO!

ah well at least I can keep myself amused in random places right? lol

Are you a people watcher?

Stay Pretty ;)

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Breaking News: Tiger Woods seriously injured in car crash

Golfer Tiger Woods has been seriously injured in a car accident in Florida, local news stations are reporting.

The crash happened overnight at 2:25 a.m. and reports say Woods struck a fire hydrant and then a tree.

The 33-year-old been transported to hospital in serious condition.


**update** ok apparently the media took this and ran! It was a minor crash hes going to be OK ppl!

Manners.... Where did they go??

The other day as I was heading to work I opened my condo door and took out my keys to lock the door. I noticed there was a guy getting into the elevator, we made eye contact and so I assumed he would hold the doors for me.....
Yeah, he didn't!

As I took the next elevator there were 3 people in it with me. We all went down to the parking garage level and 2 of us went right and 1 went left (there are 2 exit doors)... I was steps behind a guy, like literally 2 steps and he didn't even hold the door for me to walk through. He let it fall behind him and it basically almost slapped me in the face!

I was actually more shocked about the second guy than the first. I mean who hasn't pressed the "door close" button in an elevator but not holding the door for someone 2 steps behind you?! Come on!

Where have peoples manners gone?

Personally I always try to hold doors for people, its like the least amount of effort a good deed takes!


Stay Pretty and do your god deeds :)

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Gloomy Tuesday's what are they good for?

That's the pathetic view from my window right now....

Does this weather help me feel cheerful after a very emotionally draining yesterday? NO
Does it make me want to crawl back into bed and never leave? YES
Does it motivate me to want to work? NO
Does it make me want to go straight home instead of to the gym? YES

Gloomy Tuesdays....
What are they good for?
Bah Humbug...

Last night I came home to this....

Mr.BF cooking me dinner...
AWW I know right how lucky am I... but just look at the mess!
Food everywhere and about 50 utensils all over lol..

*Serenity Now*

I kept my mouth shut and let him do his thing.
He made me catfish & pasta with shrimp... somewhat of a weird combo but whatever it was delish :)

We even cracked open the wine from Jackson Triggs Winery we bought when we went up to Niagara On The Lake in Oct.

He said it was to celebrate our 6 month milestone (for me anyway) which had past while we were away but we wanted to do something special.

I just looked at him and smiled all the while thinking in my head good god I've waited a LONG time for someone like you :)


Stay Pretty ;)

Dear Aaron Carter

Dear Aaron Carter,

When will you finally admit that you are gay?
I will be your biggest fag hag just admit it...
I caught a glimpse of you on dancing with the stars and it was pretty... a little too pretty if you know what I mean.

I know you have to live up to "woman beater" Nick as your older brother but really hes washed up so perhaps you should pick someone else like oh I don't know Lance Bass...

I dunno, mayhaps you're not ready for your big reveal but those ruffled jumpsuits and too tiny glitter frog jackets really suit you...

Also in the future please cut your hair (you could poke someones eye out) and pay your damn taxes so it doesn't take up space on the 6 o'clock news!

Stay Pretty ;),

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Tis the season for my first xmas tree!

Yes that's right this year I decided that I would put up a small little Christmas tree in my condo.

Growing up being of a faith other than the one that celebrates xmas I never had a tree or lights or carols or gingerbread houses or presents.... I watched all the other kids come back from xmas break raving about the holidays and the gifts and I was forced to attend "holiday" assembly's at school which really only consisted of Jingle bells and Here comes Santa Claus anyway so why they didnt just call them Christmas assembly's is beyond me.

Over the years I've thought about putting up lights or getting a tree but the most I ever did was buy a tiny 6" gold tree ornament and put up 1 strand of lights a few years back. I just could never justify doing the whole shabang if I was just going to enjoy it alone anyway.

This year however I finally found my excuse for a tree... Mr.BF! He is Roman Catholic although non practicing he has always had a tree and celebrated xmas so since he spends a lot of time at my place Im using him as an excuse this year!

We went out and picked out the fakest most cheesiest tree to put up and decorate with our walmart ornaments. I knew I didn't want to blow a lot of money on it because this year I now have 4 people (his fam) to buy big xmas gifts for, in comparison to maybe 2-3 Chris Kringle gifts last year.

Anyway so we put it up the other day and have been enjoying the fiber optic goodness of our very first xmas tree together ;)

Of course it had to be next to my Nacho Libre mask!

Off click to enlarge

And On look at those fiber optics baby!

Tis the season!
Stay Pretty ;)

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Friday the 13th some say bad luck I say shut up!

Ya ya so its Friday the 13th.... I say screw all this "bad luck" shit and lets just call it what it is.... just another freaking day... not just any day... a Friday. The start of a weekend, the day Mr.BF was officially invited to a family dinner at a wicked Mediterranean restaurant and not even by my parents.... he was actually invited by my uncle.

The same uncle who's quite picky about whom he keeps company with. The same uncle that's used to dining with the "upper society" of the world.... I say this only because its a HUGE deal to me. I was super nervous when he met them for the first time (as they are visiting from over seas) last week, but when I heard that they actually liked him I was floored.. in a good way of course.

So tonight Mr.BF and I will dine on a feast with more than my immediate family.

Big things are happening! Whens the last time I've been in this place with someone... oh yeah NEVER!

Friday the 13th.... a great day!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Back to reality with pics from paradise!

Well lovely people I'm back from paradise and straight into reality!

We arrived back early Saturday morning and although I miss the pool and sun terribly I'm really happy to be back in my own bed!

Also I'm a routine lover being a Capricorn and all so its good to be back into my daily life.

Anywho here are some pics from my amazing trip with Mr.BF. Btw there were no blowouts from spending 24/7 with each other which is just another sign that we are a good match ;)

Our Hotel

We took a private tour with a Canadian guy who's moved down there and he took us to this amazing school where we took school supplies for the adorable children.

We then visited a coffee and cocoa plantation which was quite interesting. They let us sample some chocolate in its natural state which is very bitter and some amazing coffee. In the last pic you can see our tour guide getting schooled from the woman of the house on the coffee beans.

We then took a drive down to Macao beach which was not only beautiful but quite as well. We were one of a handful of people on the beach. After the beach we drove through the city of Higuey where we saw the Basilica of Higuey.

Then we were off to the local farmers market where we saw all kinds of spices, fresh veggies and hand made items for sale.

We visited a wal-mart type of store where I found some interesting snacks. Lime flavored Pringles (amazing), Key lime pie splash gum (very sweet) and my fav cinnamon sugar pita chips SO good!

Our last stop was the Don Lucas Cigar factory. We watched as they rolled and labeled the cigars on tiny tables in a fair sized room right by the entrance.

The resort was stunning and although there weren't many English speaking guests we managed to keep each other from being bored. We celebrated Halloween there and the staff transformed the lobby into a makeshift graveyard it was pretty cool.

There were these amazing lounger beds throughout the resort.

You know to keep Mr.BF a secret ;)
He didn't tan much but at least he didn't burn!

I surprised him with decorating the room with balloons and streamers on his birthday. I'm sneaky :) I brought all the decor from here in my suitcase. I had the hotel staff help with this beautiful towel swan :)

Later that night was surprise #2. I took him off the resort to Punta Cana's #1 restaurant called Jellyfish. It was set right on the beach and with the sound of the waves, the full moon and amazing food it was a night to remember!

It was really really windy out but it worked for this pic lol..

What an amazing trip! We celebrated his birthday, 6 months and a start of hopefully a wonderful life together!

Stay Pretty ;)

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