Let it SNOW let it SNOW let it SNOW!!!

So yeah... this is what my weekend pretty much looked like..... Random shots from my work window... look at these poor guys car!

I mean it was super pretty but only once I was home safe and sound with no where to go! Work had to shut down at 2pm Friday because it was getting so bad out that it was dangerous to drive...

I got stuck in the parking lot trying to leave, my poor little Altima coupe.. great to look at BAD for snow driving! Instead of coming to help me there were about 4 guys who just stood there inside watching me put it in reverse and drive over and over.. argh I mean I managed to get out thanks to my super duper snow driving skills but I was annoyed and realized I should probably invest in snow tires when I return from the Caribbean.

There is another storm coming Tuesday. Oh man I cant wait to get outta here!
7 Sleeps till Im sailing the sea to some random beach!!

Oh and a big shout out to my Jewish friends Happy Hanukkah Yay save me some latkes ;)

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ReRe said...

if that happened in Oklahoma people would sh!t their pants! we cancel school when it's too cold!

Dee said...

I would definitely invest in snow tires. I have recently been converted and they make a WORLD of a difference. I, however, also know that just because I have better tires now, it doesn't mean I can drive like an arse!! I wouldn't have made it home Friday without them :)

Nickie. said...

Hey! I tagged you for the Honest Scrap Award. =) Its in my blog! Thanks!

Tough Girl 101 said...

Wow, i hate that!! I always try to help people out - I would grab my shovel for them and help 'em out, you know? We're all in the snow, if we don't help one another, then nothing works.

Awesome driving skills though.

S. said...

Gentlemen are a rare breed these days. Assholism is taking the Nation by storm!!

Far said...

S- I couldnt agree more!

Bon Don said...

NO WAY! that is crazy... and I was bitching about the rain! WOW

Little Fish said...

Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes!

Rahul said...

Yeah I'm going to Cali! What what? So I heard this rumor that Canadians are scared of the dark and that if you bump into them, they apologize to you and offer you a donut. Is this true?

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