Exams are OVA & Black & White photoshoot pics are in!

Praise the lord exams are OOOoOOOver!!! One more day of school count em ONE!

Exam went better than I though so thats good and I got my black & white photoshoot pics back finally and they came out Amazing if I do say so myself :) Check em out what do you think??

Model - Nikki E.
Hair & Makeup Artist - Far B
Photographer - Joanna F

Stay Pretty ;)

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Anonymous said...

Oooooh. Coool.

Very talented, lady.

~Juanita~ said...

The makeup looks good and the pics are fantastic! Very retro. I like them.

Andy said...

That's a really cool, imaginative look. Nice job, ladyfriend

JR said...

Awesome shots Far.

EMD said...

Very nice Far!! You do great work. How's my favorite Canadian? :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

AMAZING...i'm impressed.

Pam said...

Love it!! Great job!

LipstickOne said...


Did you just use a liner pencil?

Nights_that_never_end said...

wow good job...ive always tryed to do that just never worked out for me hahaha

Far said...

Lipstickone - I used shadow and an angle liner brush to create the outline then went over and filled it in with Mac fluidline in blacktrax then went over all of that with black shadow and finally took liquid liner and sharpened up the outer edges... sounds like a lot but i wanted it to be super sharp and super black!

Anonymous said...

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