Oh high school... how I DONT miss you!

Open letter to all the people who thought they were SO cool in high school.

Like it wasnt bad enough I was the minority at every school I went to from grade 1- high school graduation, it wasnt bad enough that I got called every racist name in the book some of which didnt even apply to me you ignorant idiots, that no one wanted to talk to me because I wasnt the same skin colour as you, that you listed to a crazy rumor from a crazier girl from a messed up home who craved attention so much she told you all something that was 100% false about me and you all believed her, that you made it impossible to get to the upstairs washroom during school because you all sat along the walls like you owned it with your legs stretched out, much too lazy to move them but, to still be like that is just pure lame!

We are 31 years old.... If I can learn to forgive, move on and truthfully succeed far past you and your druggie/hoebag buddies I think you can learn to at least grow up!

The minority chubby girl from high school who secretly laughs at you now!

ps- sorry to hear you are getting divorced after what 1yr of marriage? Bet you are regretting putting up the pics, status updates and link to your wedding website on facebook now arent ya! Guess your soon to be exs couldn't stand you either!

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