So Mr. BF finally met the rents!

First of all I know I've been MIA, I've just had zero motivation to blog... not really sure why its like 1 year came and I was like Meh... Do you guys ever go through these phases?

Anyway some people have been asking me to blog so here I am... you guys are motivation enough!

So last week i finally managed to arrange a dinner so Mr.BF could meet my parents. I invited my younger brothers wife as he was out of town and then mentioned it to my older brother, who then wanted to bring his GF (whom we haven't really met other than a 2 second Hi-Bye). This is where things got a bit weird.

So not only were my parents meeting Mr.Bf for the first time "officially" (they had spoken a bit before in passing), they were now about to spend the evening with my brothers new gf too....

Anyway it all went well and in the end it took the pressure off both newbies because they weren't the only one being focused on.

After the dinner we parted ways and when I saw my mom the next day she said 3 things...
1) He seems nice
2) It was really nice of him to offer to pay
3) Well at least he likes Indian food!

bahaha... YUP at least he likes Indian food... that says to them hes cultured I guess and that's a plus 1 right there!

I'm happy its out of the way now though and they seem to be warming up to the idea that this actually could be something. Things are going really well and what in reality has only been 5 months seems like a whole lot longer... that's a good thing no?

Normally I ditch em, dump em, get bored of em or cant stand em by now!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Pam said...

That is great!!! So far so good. Hope it keeps going that way!

Born with a big mouth! said...

good for you!!! my parents normally like anyone i bring home .... but then I make the mistake of telling my mom when there is a problem and that ruins it. :(

Anonymous said...

we all go through the "I dont want to blog" phase. I think I've hit that phase 10 times now. :)

yay for him meeting the parents! Sounds like everything went well!

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