Is it wrong that i want to....

Take a pencil and shove it in my eye?!

I want to scream right now im so annoyed...

Heres the scoop... Im sort of talking to/dating this guy who produces music on the side. He says he wants my opinion on how he (who isnt a singer/rapper) sounds on a track where he decided to rap for 3 verses and then have an actual raper do the last verse. He sends it... I listen.. - keep in mind he spent about 30 mins 2 nights ago telling me how he thought the other guys flow was better and he wasnt sure about his part and blah blah... - so i actually dont mind his voice on the track at all but if im being honest with myself the other guys voice is a lot smoother. So i say its actually not bad at all, you 2 just have different voices but i think you should keep it the way it is"... Next thing i know hes upset!!! He says you know when someone likes my track they say "oh that was amazing" or "oh i like what you did" not "i didnt think it was bad" but i value your opinion anyway.... Like why ask for an honest opinion if you cant handle the truth. If i wanted to be totally honest i liked the other guys voice better as a listener but they were both good. Was i supposed to kiss his ass and tell him it was awesome when hes already doubting it?

God i feel like hes being WAY to sensitive about this and analyzing it way too much. I dont know how much longer i can keep talking to this guy if im always walking on eggshells... argh

My gal pal AC keeps telling me i should write a book entitled "Mr Wrong(s)" based on all my experiences with cry babies, mama's boys, users, abusers, insecure men, cheapo's, bastards and everything in between! God Mr Right better be worth the damn wait!!!


amzad said... luck very much...if he gets famous rapping..maybe he can spit some of my him around..lets let him help make us some money..hehe

Far said...

I think he would annoy me way 2 much to stick around for that long lol

Mira said...

"Mr.Wrongs" hahaha~~it might become a big hit!
This guy sounds really sensitive and walking on the eggshell isn't fun at all.

ClassyBitch! said...

god i hate is when men are
F)*@#D!!! i mean seriously could you pls grow a pair already!

Mich said...

i would totally buy "Mr Wrongs"!! and probably have a few stories for you to add too :)

Himbo said...

Ew... that's one of my my pet peeves, people who can't take constructive criticism. Don't walk on egg shells, no matter how pretty he is. Keep it real, tell it like it is. He likes it, he just doesn't know it yet.

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