MJ movie review 2 thumbs up!

Well the MJ movies was awesome!
I got chills several times and really felt like I was at his concert.
I would say 2 thumbs up if you are a MJ fan if you're not you probably wont care much for it.

Mr.BF thought it was ok and didn't really get any feeling from it... hes not really a huge MJ fan though.

The production of this concert was going to be crazy, entertaining and really expensive but it would have made for an awesome show. To see the hours of rehearsals his entire crew put in and everything that went into his show was truly special. You get to see just how mild mannered he is and just how much of a talented performer we all knew but may have forgotten was there.
This movie really made me love MJ just a tad more... *Sigh*

Enough about MJ I'm off to the beach!!

See you in a week :)

Stay Pretty ;)

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I have a date tonight ....This is it!

Well B2M were amazing! I tired to upload a video to youtube however it took way too long so mayhaps when I get back from my fab beach vaca which btw I leave for in 2 days booyah!!

I haven't even packed yet and the thought of all that I have to do is overwhelming at the moment but I know ill get it done because I'm always up till midnight the night before I fly packing... no sleep but it gets done.... and really who cares I'm off to do nothing for a week :)

Tonight however I have a hot date with Michael Jackson at the theatre. I cant wait to see this movie :)
Has anyone seen it yet?

Stay Pretty ;)

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TGIF and only 1 week till im on a beach!!

Thanks so much for everyones money saving tips..

Mr.BF and I have stopped eating out as much as started cooking more... Actually hes actually cooked for me a few times now..but he told me not to tell anyone so shhh...

We try to buy groceries that we know can make a huge meal and then try to get dinner for 2 and lunch for 2 out of it so that's helped a lot. No more $10-$15 lunches for him!

I also called my cable and internet company and asked very nicely what they could do for me. I went from a monthly bill of $135 to $89... massive savings right there just for asking politely lol. I suggest you try this. I read somewhere that it really doesn't hurt to ask so I did and it worked.

With all this money stress I've also taken on some family ish stress and well I have been given a new title at work. Which basically means on top of what I already do I now have another persons full time job so stress is my middle name right now.

With all this happening I cant help but really look forward to my time away with the Mr. We leave next Friday for the Dominican Republic!!!

A week away from the rain, cold, work, family, blackberries,computers & stress..... I would say I wish I was jet setting tomorrow but I don't because........

I'm going to see Boyz II Men tomorrow!! YAY! 4th year in a row seeing them in concert and it never gets old.. sigh

Also Wednesday we are going to see the Michael Jackson movie This is it. Kinda excited for that too... then Thursday my parents arrive home from their jet setting to India and Friday its Au Revoir and off the the sun...

Stay Pretty ;)

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What are your money saving tips?

Ive been kinda down as of late because I'm stressing about $$$.. aren't we all!

I just feel like my entire paycheck goes to paying off my mortgage and my damn maintenance fees. I'm trying to pay off my credit line but its such a slow process. At least my visa balance is $0!!

What are some of your money saving or money making tips??

I feel like I need to generate more income but its so hard.

I mean its not like I have a massive debt but for the first time in my life I have a debt and its really stressful.


What was the moving food you ask?

Well Angela you were right. It was moving because of the heat of the dish but i doubt anyone would have guessed that it was onion skin!!!

Weird eh... it actually tasted pretty good... However I wouldn't order it again lol..

Food that moves!

Mr. BF and I went to a Japanese restaurant a few weeks ago and ordered this noodle dish. When it came to the table it was moving. We were freaking out wondering what the heck we just ordered because the food was literally moving!

Check it out....

We asked the waitress what it was and she told us but what do you guys think is moving on our plates?

Stay Pretty ;)
Only 9 more sleeps!

When will Jen Aniston ever learn?

Well its being reported that Jen Aniston & John Mayer are back together.... blah!

I mean I adore JM's music and his concert was amazing but he is losing my adoration quickly with his self absorbed tweets and his pr stunts.

According to Us Weekly, after Jen’s flings with Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler didn’t work out, she turned back to John.
A source tells the mag, "He really got to her, and she's hooked on him. She just can't let go."

Could their reunion have anything to do with the fact that Aniston has a new movie coming out or that Mayer has a new CD about to hit the airwaves? Probably!

Ugh I'm SO over it! If any one of these 2 appear on Oprah again I'm going to puke...

Stay Pretty ;)

Anyone have a Metal Detector?Someone needs you!

An ad my brother found and forwarded to me on Kijiji.com today ....

Metal Detector help!!

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Date Listed 14-Oct-09
Address Saskatoon, SK, S7L 4E8

Help!! I've lost my car keys and i know a cousin of mine has used a metal detector to find many lost items. If anyone out there has a metal detector and is competent in using it can you RESPOND and come help me locate my lost keys which are either in my house,, or... in the garbage.
Thanks in advance

Baahahaha...... Gotta love the internet!

We're BOOKED!!

OK so I've been MIA but well I've been trying to do some research on a great hot spot to go to.

Today we booked!
Mr.BF and I will be heading to Punta Cana in a few weeks :)
We will be staying at the Catalonia Royal Bavaro which is rated #6 in all of Punt Cana, for 7 nights.

I'm SO excited cuz not only did we get an amazing deal but this will be both of our first trips with significant others. Ive always wanted to go somewhere tropical with past partners but it never really worked out. Probably for a good reason (everything happens for a reason).

Ive done crazy research on Punta Cana even though I've been there 3x lol.. also on our hotel which looks stunning.

Check out these pics....

I'm just excited to go away and do nothing with my special someone :)

The countdown begins woohooo!!!!

Has anyone been to this all inclusive resort before?

Stay Pretty ;)

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What is it with October babies?

Its Friday... Its October & its the month from heaven and financial hell all at the same time!

I have 10 birthdays this month.... not just randoms either.... close friends & family.. not to mention Mr.BF's 2 days into next month.

While I love this month for its brisk weather, pumpkin goodies, Halloween & birthday parties which I love I also dread this month financially! Presents & dinners & birthday outings....
It seems every year I end up adding a birthday or 2 to this month too... Was everyone's parents getting busy in February?

Anyone else have a ton of b-days this month?

Stay Pretty ;)

Am I the only one who...

Likes crunchy peanut butter???

Geez Louise! I swear people look at me weird when I ask for it or request that my mother buy it for her house when I visit...

I understand sometimes smooth is nice but I just don't think chunky gets the credit it deserves!

On another note... does anyone else eat PB outta the jar like me?

Stay Pretty ;)


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