*Ring ring*
Hey, you're never going to believe who died....
Michael Jackson
WHAT?!!! Are you f'n kidding me?
NO its so sad...
Cardiac arrest.... its all over the news..
Wow... I'm speechless....

Mr. 25 called to tell me the sad news... I was out shopping for a dress for a happy occasion (one of my bff's engagement party), happy that I had found "the" dress when I was hit with this news...

I wasn't really sure how to feel... I felt my heart sink a little and the feeling of deep sadness come over me. WHY? because I have always been a huge MJ fan even through all his controversial times. He was a symbol of my youth, memories of my little brother trying to do the moon walk. I still get excited every single time I hear a MJ song come on the radio..

Where were you when you heard the news?

His music was timeless, classic and nothing short of amazing!
He will be truly missed not only by his millions of fans but by the world of entertainment...

As a tribute Ill post some of my favorite Jackson pics & songs (some I wont be able to embed)... What are your favorites? Memories?

Stay Pretty ;)



AC said...

I was on the bus coming home from work when my mom texted me to tell me. I thought it was a joke...

I also get excited when an MJ song comes on - especially since I grew up listening to him!

RIP MJ - your music will definitely live on forever!

Miss Cindy said...

I was on my way to a job interview and super excited when I heard that he was in the emergency room. It wasn't until after I was done with the interview and in my car that I heard he had passed away.
Just recently I bought a CD of his and my friends thought I was a bit silly for listening to him, but I love his music so much. My twelve year old brother still tries to do the moon walk, even though he never grew up listening to his music the way I did.

MJ will be missed ♥

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