See ya in 2009!!

I'll probably be finishing packing, sitting in the airport, people watching in the air, boarding the ship or sailing the Caribbean sea depending on when you read this but I wanted to say BON VOYAGE Beaches!!

Im gone for a week and even though ill be partying it up in the middle of the sea with 4000 random strangers for new years I shall be thinking of you all! I promise to take pics of all the things worthy of a story or laugh and as my plan is to meet as many strangers as possible im sure ill have all kinds of stories upon my return :)

Happy New years my loves! Here's hoping 2009 sucks less than 2008 lol ;)

Stay Pretty and party hard I wanna see all of your pics too!!
ps- as im away for the next 2 sundays Throwback sundays will resume upon my return :) and I must say im REALLY surprise no one had anything to say about last weeks throwback! hmph!

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Happy Holidays Yall!

Ok so I WAS going to talk about the awesome sweater/jacket I found at some random shop called "Barak"(no lie) in the mall yesterday for $15, or the awesome cubic zircon diamond studs and awesome freshwater pearl studs I found at Dollarama for you got it a Dolla (great for my trip), or how its raining out and turning all the snow into nasty dirty slush that some people enjoy because it means that they can splash the poor people walking (what goes around comes around biatches!)

Buuuuut.... its Christmas eve and so instead I will talk about how today is our work holiday party which is really just a catered lunch and some treats, also today I will be attending my very first Christmas eve dinner at my girl Nix's house yay... this month has had a lot of firsts huh! Im so excited her house is always so beautifully decorated for the holidays.. you know just one of those houses you walk into and immediately feel the "spirit"?...

Also today I now only have 4 more sleeps till Im sailing the Caribbean!!! Muahahha had to throw that in there :)

Wishing you & your families a very merry happy holidays :) Be safe and enjoy the good eats and presents!

Stay Pretty ;)

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The Bridesmaids dress has been ordered!

So I finally decided on this Alfred Angelo bridesmaids dress for my friends wedding... It will be all that mocha color no 2 tone belt and it will most likely have halter straps put on cuz my "girls" just cant do the strapless thing... Its chiffon and SUPER comfy which really helped me make my decision :) I love it :)
What do you all think??

Stay Pretty ;)

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Let it SNOW let it SNOW let it SNOW!!!

So yeah... this is what my weekend pretty much looked like..... Random shots from my work window... look at these poor guys car!

I mean it was super pretty but only once I was home safe and sound with no where to go! Work had to shut down at 2pm Friday because it was getting so bad out that it was dangerous to drive...

I got stuck in the parking lot trying to leave, my poor little Altima coupe.. great to look at BAD for snow driving! Instead of coming to help me there were about 4 guys who just stood there inside watching me put it in reverse and drive over and over.. argh I mean I managed to get out thanks to my super duper snow driving skills but I was annoyed and realized I should probably invest in snow tires when I return from the Caribbean.

There is another storm coming Tuesday. Oh man I cant wait to get outta here!
7 Sleeps till Im sailing the sea to some random beach!!

Oh and a big shout out to my Jewish friends Happy Hanukkah Yay save me some latkes ;)

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Throwback Sunday

This one needs NO introduction... its just a feel good song that I love!
If you don't remember or know this song you MUST watch this I bet it gets you seat dancing ;)

People Everyday by Arrested Development

Stay Pretty ;)

I suck at this whole Xmas thing!

So one of my best girlfriends surprised me with a gift the other day. She had wrapped it all up (I think she used medical tape instead of real tape though or maybe there is a new texturized tape im not aware of out there or maybe the store wrapped it I don't know but it was weird), and when I asked what this gift was for she said she had read my post on how I got a lil Xmas tree and how excited I was about it and how I needed gifts to go under it. Now this gift she gave me was HUGE and I laughed and said that this wont fit under my wee lil tree :( ... well she kinda just looked at me with the "seriously?" look so I accepted it and was so excited to get my first and probably only gift.

Yeah don't I open it early the very next morning! This is how our morning conversation went...

Far: hey you, thank you SO much for my gift I heart it you're the bestest!
R: You opened it already??????????
Far: oh um.......... yeah :|
R: dude you were supposed to open it Xmas morning!!!
Far: Oh um... I was?? Well you didn't tell me that...
R: Its a CHRISTMAS gift you nerd, for under your tree, you're not supposed to open Xmas presents early!
Far: Oh um.... I didn't know.. I mean I didn't think to.... OK clearly I'm Impatient and I haven't quite grasped the whole Christmas thing yet ok...
R: LOL oh Far, you're so weird.....
Far: yes im aware thanks! hehe

Ok so I suck at this Christmas thing... :( Should I re-wrap it? I can act all excited again on Xmas morning about the wonderful gift she got me... really I can! And I'm not even going to tell you all what it was so that way when I re-open it, it can be a surprise for everyone!!

See how I just fixed the situation?! See what I did right there? See that!

God im brilliant! (just go with me on this one, no snarky remarks lol)

Stay Pretty ;)

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Sailing the Caribbean in 10!

So we are supposed to get approx 5-25cm of snow in Toronto Friday and then another storm on Sunday. Welcome to winter huh!

The only thing that's gonna get me through these 2 approaching storm is the fact that in 10 days I will be cruising the Caribbean!!
We booked a few days ago a 7 night southern Caribbean cruise over new years YAY! So not only do I now not have to stress about new years here but I will also be super tanned for my birthday when I return :)

I cant wait I SO need this vacation! A different island everyday? Yes please!!

10 Days and counting! Get me outta here!
Did I mention that im deathly afraid of drowning in a large body of water and being eaten by sharks?! .... note to self - do NOT watch Titanic or Jaws before we depart!

Stay Pretty ;)

Always wanted to smell like flame broiled meat? Nows your chance!

So I heard on the radio this morning that Burger King has released a body spray... yes that's right your favorite burger joint famous for its Whoppers has now expanded to scents! According to the website for the fragrance it is a scent of seduction with a hint of flame broiled meat.

Im sorry but who on earth actually wants to smell like flame broiled meat?? I mean unless of course you are trying to attract animals cuz well then this body spray is a no brainer, but then I suppose if you are trying to attract animals you've got bigger issues than what scent you are wearing!

You can purchase this body spray here for only $3.99! After I went to the purchase page I realized that there had already been reviews on the product so here are some actual reviews :P
Mantastic! December 15, 2008
Reviewer: Frank Reynolds from Philadelphia, PA
After viewing the commercial, I knew this spray had to be mine. Once received, I engulfed my less than satisfactory body with your cow meat scent.
At first, I was discouraged because the neighborhood dogs started chasing me as if they were in heat. I made it inside just in time. Soon after, my girlfriend came over.
I was skeptical at first, but when she appeared from the kitchen, double fisting ketchup bottles, I knew I was golden. Her love of hamburgers had finally worked out to my advantage.
It was the first time she let me put my "hamburger" in her "bun." That night, she had it her way; I gave her the best Whopper she's ever had, and that's saying a lot.
Thanks again Ricky's! I'm sure you did this for the lulz, I know I did.

I love this stuff!!! December 15, 2008
Reviewer: john srout from new york, NY United States
I used to work at BK when I was a lot younger. The smell left on me after an 8 hour shift was so yummy delicious that I wouldn't shower until the next day or so.
Thanks ricky's!! Now I can smell like the good ol days even after a shower!!!

I see now that there actually are people who enjoy smelling of flame broiled meat!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Am I Approaching The Cougar Age??

So I turn 30 next month (January 16th in case you want to send cards,flowers or gifts;)) and Im single so I cant help but think am I approaching the age of the "cougar"?

At what age is a woman considered a "cougar" and what exactly does being a "cougar" entail? I was curious so I did some research on the topic. This thought has crossed my mind a few times I wont lie.. Especially after this weekend where I found myself flirting with an adorable 19 year old..... well that was until I read this...

According to the Urban Dictionary here is the definition of a cougar ......
An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man. The cougar can be anyone from an overly surgically altered wind tunnel victim, to an absolute sad and bloated old horn-meister, to a real hottie or milf. Cougars are gaining in popularity -- particularly the true hotties -- as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together.

lol well according to this definition ill have to frequent clubs rather than the lounges I go to now because everyone knows all the "much younger men" are at the clubs not lounges, Id probably have to go get some sort of facial plastic surgery or be an old horn-meister (wth is that anyway? who writes these definitions?) or have some babies and have plastic surgery so I can be a milf...

That's a heck of a lot to go through just to become labeled a cougar no?

Ok so maybe I still have a few more years in me before I can officially be labeled a cougar but that doesn't change the fact that I will indeed be entering my 30's next month. To celebrate I will be having a huge bash out at a lounge somewhere on January 17th so if any of you dear readers,friends,stalkers...err strike that last one, are going to be in Toronto or need a reason to visit the great white north come party with me that weekend .. im not sure where yet but it will be somewhere fun downtown :) I know a few of you have said you are interested in visiting so just email me for details it would be so fun to meet you all ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

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When you ask me for my number and...

Hey boys
When you are out and about and you decide to be bold enough to ask a girl for her number and she responds with "why don't I get yours".... yeah that a pretty good sign you aren't going to hear from her. There's a reason we don't want to give our numbers out...

Also just because I apply my lipgloss as we are saying goodbye it does NOT mean I want to kiss you! It means I wasn't thinking and my lips felt like they needed some gloss.. that's all! I realize now that that was some bad timing with the lipgloss but by then it was too late and the question of "can I kiss you" has already been you may not kiss me! I gave you a hug which was already way more than you should be gettin and besides at the age of almost 30.... I just feel like im too old to be kissing random strangers in bars... especially when I just took your number because I already knew this wasn't going to happen, so peel yourself off of me and back off... mind yo bidness that's all just mind yo bidness!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Throwback Sunday

This weeks throwback is

Finally by CeCe Peniston

Check out those shoulder pads and those pants wow! This is a remix but who doesn't remember this one! If not here's the original.

Im still waiting for my finally moment but in the meantime this song brings back memories of me wishing I had someone with brown coco skin and curly black to sing this too lol...


Stay Pretty ;)

My Mama tells me Im special all the time!

Stay Pretty ;)

You know what really grinds my gears pt 4

Slow gas pumps!

Its bad enough that I have to stand out there in the freezing cold windy darkness long enough to fill my 70L tank. Why is it that some pumps just take FOREVER to fill up.. I sat at the pump for like 20 mins the other day trying to fill my tank. I was hiding my face in my jacket so I wouldn't get frostbite on my nose and cheeks and every time I looked up it was STILL at 13 Litres...

I got so annoyed that I only ended up filling half a tank and by the time I got into the car again I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, so I sat there blasting the heat on them, siting on them, putting them under my armpits... WHAT? I was forced to do anything I could to save my poor fingers. Then some impatient dude behind me started honking because he was too lazy to just pull out around me.... argh it was NOT a good trip to the gas station lol... This is why I need to find a full serve station around me or find a man who's decent enough to fill my gas for me ;)

So after googling "slow gas pumps" (I swear google knows everything!) I found this little tid bit on

How to Fix a Slow Gas Pump
Have you ever been stuck at a slow gas pump? I'm talking about the kind where you would have to stand there for an hour for a full fill. Here's your solution.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:
  • Gas pump
  • Lack of patience
Step1 Stop pumping.
Step2 Lay the pump down on the ground.
Step3 Wait at least 5 seconds.
Step4 Pick the pump up and continue pumping at full speed!

Hmm I wonder if this really works and what kind of looks I would get from the nearby pumpers....(wait that didn't sound right)...

Stay Pretty ;)

Soo I dont celebrate christmas...

Yeah that's right I don't celebrate xmas... always wanted to but never have (due to religion in case you were wondering). It didn't bother me much growing up because I grew up in an area where most others didn't celebrate it either but there was always a small part of me that would light up when I was out and about and saw anything christmasy.

As Ive grown older and realized that this time of year has less to do with religion Ive grown to embrace and enjoy it. The multi colored lights that outline each house in every city and suburb, the festive music that somehow makes you want to sing along and bop your head from side to side, the friendlier attitudes of people on the streets, the wicked sales at the mall lol..

I love it all so much that this year I decided that Im going to put up lights in the condo and get a holiday tree... my very first tree...

Ok so its about 8 inches tall and has no leaves but HEY its a start lol... Im working on the lights.. perhaps this weekend ill put them up and post pics...

I wonder what kinda gifts (to myself) I could fit under this tiny tree... hmm.. lipgloss, a new toothbrush, a mini Buddha for my collection, a package of gum, a new set of diamond stud earrings, batteries, tea light candles..... what else?

Im very excited about my holiday tree addition it just adds something to the condo... I would have got some mistletoe too but you know... I live alone... and im very single sooo it really wouldn't get much use me thinks.
Speaking of mistletoe check out this comic...

Stay Pretty and happy holidays :)

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Why dress shopping sucks and how I made it better!

Dress shopping sucks large... primarily bridesmaid dress shopping. Its right up there with bathing suit shopping! Im in a wedding in may and so naturally the bride wants us to choose our dress style with enough time to get them altered and such so she graciously organized last night so 2 of her bridesmaids could go try on dresses....

Im not a dress girl... I realize I mention countless times in my blog that I am a girly girl but believe it or not, not all girly girls love wearing dresses. I dont think they look nice on me, I always have a hard time finding dresses that can cover the "girls" enough so that I dont look like a hooker or accidently flash the crowd and dresses require me to shave more then I already do and thats a pain in the butt.... tmi?

Ive complied a list of reasons why I hate dress (especially bridesmaids dress) shopping...

- pushy sales ladies who are almost always mid 50's with glasses that sit on the tip of their noses who rush you in and out of every dress just so they can get to their next appointment.
- the fugly dress colors... why oh why do bridesmaids sample dresses come in puke green or sorbet orange.... I mean wouldn't more neutral colors help them sell more dresses?
- the fact that all the sample dresses are either too big or too small... I mean I know they cant have every style in every size but how do you expect me to know if I would look good in a dress that I cant even get over my hips? and of course the one you LOVE doesnt fit!
-the fact that I already know going in that ill be forking over big bucks for a dress I will most likely never ever wear again.. Yeah ive seen 27 dresses!
-the fact that we have to order the dresses 6 months before the wedding... what if my Turbo Jam workout somehow makes me the size of kate moss by then?

Anyway you get the point.... I hate dress shopping because it almost always makes me feel like crap after BUT I sucked it up and put a smile on because I love my girl and she wants us all in Alfred Angelo dresses next May!

Some good did come out of the evening though.. I ended up finding 2 pairs of boots I'll really need come January when Im back at school downtown trekking through the snow. I got 2 pairs for $90!!! Ive been searching for months for reasonably priced boots that I actually liked and I found 2 for an amazing price...even if they only last through this winter.

Stay Pretty ;)

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Do I Really Need A Plumber??

Every time I flush my toilet it runs and runs like its training for a god damn marathon.

Ive been letting this "running" issue go on for weeks, sometimes it stops on its own and sometimes I have to manually lift the bar thingy thats above the water line but now im just fed up!

I googled "running toilets" and found this do it yourself fix it, but im sure ill find a way to mess it up... im just too girly to be that handy.. sad I know. Living on my own I really should be able to deal with these situations but ive decided to do what any girly girl would do in this situation....

Call my daddy! He will be here Sunday to fix the running toilet, my lopsided chandelier and put up a shelf that's been sitting on my dining room floor for about 2 months :)

I really have no use for that 31 pc purple ladies tool kit I own... it is cute though.... oh wait thats right I used the pliers in the set to help me de-pot my MAC eyeshadows when my crappy little red ones failed to do the job.. *phew* I feel so much better now...

PS- for all those who are asking where to get this cute little tool kit you can click here :) For approx $40 CDN (approx $31 USD) its a wicked deal!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mustache's are they ever really acceptable?

After yesterday's post and seeing Ralph Tresvants horrible mustache from back in the day I got to thinking... Are mustache's ever really OK?

Im talking about the male kind here because mustache's on women are never ever a debatable topic!
Even the hottest men can be made to look ugly with a couple weeks worth of growth over the lip... Take Matthew MaConaughey for instance.. From Hot to hillbilly with this fake stache..
Or Seth Green who lets face it tends to win people over with his humour rather than his looks but what happens when an ok looking guy grows a mustache? He ends up reminding us of a red headed Borat instad of a girly eyed funny man! um is he wearing mascara here? ok thats a whole other post...

I think it becomes more acceptable to keep a stache once you pass the age of lets say 55.. why? because you're now a senior and seniors can get away with a lot like socks and sandals or Hawaiian shirts every day of the week. Also I know this theory is true because the site of Dr.Phil doesn't make me want to laugh or mail him a razor.

Also my dear dear father sports a mustache. He has always had one and is never ever allowed to shave it...ever. He did once when I was 4 and I cried and cried for days because I didn't know where my father went lol... so yeah hes never allowed to shave it... and I happen to think he looks good with it... plus hes a senior now so its ok!
Also, the word mustache just bugs me. I mean just say it... mustache...mus-tache... its just one of those weird words that if you actually think about will bug you too! Im sure of it ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

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Throwback Sunday

Ive decided to start a series called Throwback Sunday's so I can share my love of old school tunes :)

The first throwback is going to a one hit wonder ............

Sensitivity by Ralph Tresvant
(watch the video below it may take a minute to load)

I heart this song... Despite Ralph's horrible mustache and dancing in this video... just close your eyes you will see why this song is awesome....I definitely need a man with sensitivity a man like... (insert name here)

Stay Pretty ;)

Buy Direct and Save!

So A friend recently emailed me about a new website they had set up for a company they had been running for a while and so I check it out and have placed a few orders since. Ive been soo happy with my purchases and so I thought I'd share since I just noticed that they are advertising FREE shipping anywhere in Canada until Dec 31st 2008!!

Now don't be discouraged my dear American friends as they DO ship internationally at what seems to be very reasonable rates!

Ive purchased 2 Pashmina shawls with swarovski's all over SOO pretty and I also recently got a full genuine freshwater pearl set which included earrings, necklace and a bracelet. I did a lot of research prior to ordering the pearls and for this size and quality this site had the best deals!

Anyway just go check em out if you are looking for some awesome & beautiful gifts I promise you will heart these items as much as I do!!

(the button is also on the right of my blog)

Stay Pretty ;)

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You know what really grinds my gears pt 3


I hate when I burn my tongue! That really freakin grinds my gears!
Damn you hot chocolate and your tempting little drink me even though your brain knows im boiling HOT voice!

My tongue is now numb... THANKS hot beverage gremlin... you are almost as evil as the zipper gremlin! I swear you 2 must conspire against me at night when im sleeping... how can we make her life just that much shittier tomorrow?!

I cant even be like that lady who sued Tim Hortons and blame anyone cuz I made the damn drink myself! Bah humbug....

Argh... Im sure google will know how to cure my burnt tongue...

Stay Pretty.... even with a burnt tongue ;)

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Proof Jamie Lynn Spears is a dumb Wench....

Hey Jamie Lynn Spears
When you got preggo at 16 because you weren't paying attention in sex ed enough to know that if you have unprotected sex there is a chance you could get knocked up, one would think (hope and pray) you would learn to cover it up or wear a god damn chastity belt for a while no?

Now you're preggers again only 3 months after delivering your first child.

This made me shake my head....

But what made me want to shake you, hose you down and lock you in a dark padded room was the fact that you went ahead and had liposuction because you "didn't want to get fat".... WHILE you were pregnant!! Yes you claim that you didn't know you were pregnant again but shouldn't the dr have known something was up when he asked you the pre-op questions? Like when was your last period or is there ANY chance you could be pregnant? Who did you go to Dr Seuss??

The irony is... you got lipo because you didn't want to get fat... and now you're pregnant!
Talk about a waste of money!

Thank you for taking Brits spot on my "Damn she's F'd Up" list you stupid wench...


Stay Pretty ;)

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Awards Oh My!

Yes im doing a double post today because I want to fit everything in ;) If you missed my post from this morning read it here :P
I always see these cool little award up on everyone elses pages and wondered how people got em... now I know..

I finally got an award... 2 actually YAY!!!
One is from the amazing Endless Randomness (whos blog I always call Endless Romance by mistake lol sorry) Its the Kreativ Blogger Award!!!

I would like to pass this award on to some of my Fav's and some of my regulars who support me and my randomness.. I Heart You!
Little Fish
Kat from Tough Girl 101
You ladies deserve it ;)

The second on I got a while back from one of my most funnest,sweetest & over all crazy friends Mich. Its some spanish award... loves it thanks girl...

So this ones for the boys ;) I know its kinda girly but whatever...

The Loss Adjuster
The Odd Duck
surviving myself


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