OMG He found my blog!!!


Let us all be clear on this, because yesterday I sent my wonderful BF a picture of me.... the same one I posted on here with my freakin blog address posted on the bottom!!! He asked me what that blog address was and I knew I had to come clean... The cat was out of the bag and lying about it would just lead to more issues later.

The good news is I have never written anything bad about him (why would I? I'm happy!) or written about anything he didn't know about already since we have been dating.
I told him he could read it if he wanted but that there may be things posted before him that he may not want to read. Curiosity got the best of him and he logged on but informed me he ONLY wanted to read as far back as we have been dating. He wasn't interested in my past...

Since I can pretty much track what people view via statcounter I knew he was being honest. He read as far back as he wanted and I made it clear that if he had any questions or wanted to talk about anything I was more than willing to do so as I have nothing to hide....

Last night we talked about it and he told me there wasn't anything there that he didn't already know about and that he was VERY happy he beat out
Mr. Crab (the sleeper) lol... He also said that after today he would never log on again as this is kinda like my diary and he didn't want me to feel I couldn't write openly which I totally appreciate and kinda just proves to me once again how great of a guy he is ;)

Yes I was shocked that my secret was out but I think he was more shocked that I actually had a blog and that he could read about all my thought on our whole dating situation! I'm kinda over it now, we are very open with each other and it would have been a bigger deal if I had written tons of stuff he didn't know about but the truth is I don't think there is... and if there ever was I would be more than willing to discuss it.

Has this ever happened to you? Has anyone you know ever found your blog?

Stay Pretty ;)



Mich said...

OMG!!! that would have been so shocking and scary at first but you are so right, there is nothing to hide!

wow... he really sounds like an outstanding guy to really only read back as far as that and promise to never read it again.

you sure are lucky ;)

no one has ever "found" my blog... atleast that i know of... i have told a few friends about it and told them there might be things i wrote in the past but for the most part... its still annonymous. i keep thinking of coming totally "out of the blog closet" but then i wonder if i will still write as candidly.

Pam said...

He sounds like a keeper!! But I would still have freaked out like you.

I don't think anyone has found my blog. I told a few close friends that I have one, but none of them have been inclined to ask me the address. But if someone did find it, a certian person, I don't know exactly what I would have done.

I think you handled it very well. Great Job!

GingerMandy said...

i've never hid a blog from my boyfriend (when i had one) and i don't think i'd want to because i would feel weird as if i'm part of a community that he knows nothing about, lol. but my biggest fear is that my friends and family find it. if i'm in a relationship with someone i let them know about it, but other than that i don't want ANYONE to know.

but he sounds like a great guy and super understand, where i'm sure many guys wouldn't be too happy about it.

Andy said...

Since my blog isn't anonymous, my issue is that random people in my past find it... like my h.s. basketball coach, my pastor's wife, people I barely knew in h.s.
Fortunately, they all like it.

The Novelista Barista said...

oh shit!
well i mean thats good that theres nothing bad about him here!!! but i guess its easier than secreting it!

Anonymous said...

My best friend read my old blog, eventually I had to change sites because it made me watch what I wrote too much.I wouldnt mind my bf reading it, but he doesn't want to.

AC said...

You were right - i would DIE!!!!

Hahahaha....(sorry for laughing!)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

oh my gosh too funny! glad it turned out well. no one has found my blog yet, but i'm waiting for the day.

Katana said...

THis is exactly why i decided not to be anonymous. I couldn't take the secrecy or the pressure. I realized Ihad to change something or else blogging would not be a worthy endeavor for me.

Angela said...

I don't blog anonymously, so I guess it's okay for people I know IRL to find my blog. BUT, that said, I don't give out the web address to people I know.

Yummy Mammy said...

OMG!!! I would die, quite literally die, if anyone I knew, apart from the select few that already know, ever found or read my blog. Actually I wouldn't have to die, they would kill me!!!

Anonymous said...

yikes.. it's always scary when someone finds your blog! I had actually let my roommate/bff at the time know my link but then it just got weird and I would catch her reading it and in the end (not because of the blog) stopped being friends and I actually had to move blogs.

Jillian said...

it's awkward's like you have a blog life and then you have regular life...and sometimes you wonder about what would happen when those two intersect..

no one has ever "found" my blog..but i have slowly let some close friends know i have one lol and they too were like "WHAT" got a little aprehensive and was like "damn did i write anything bad about them?" lol...but that quickly passed...

way to go Mr. BF! lol

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