Would 5 years make a difference to you?

So I met someone a few weeks ago and we finally had time to meet up for what was supposed to be a quick coffee last night... we met at 8 I didn't get home till midnight so needless to say it went well.

Here's the thing... there is a 5 year age difference between us.. I'm not going to say older or younger because I'm wondering about your opinions for both.

Would you be ok with dating someone 5 years your junior? lets say you're 30 and hes 25.

What about someone 5 years your senior? you 30 him 35.

I know there are is a +/- for both but I'm interested in your opinions, so lets hear it...

Stay pretty ;)

A moment not meant for me...

Over the weekend I went to go visit my GF who just got married at her new house (was just her husbands home before the wedding) and I was under the impression Id get the tour then we would go for coffee and catch up....

She brought up going to Canadian Tire to check out some patio furniture for their backyard and asked me if I wouldn't mind going... I LOVE that kinda stuff and after she said she wanted my opinion I felt needed and who doesn't love that?!

I began to put my shoes on and her husband reaches for his jacket.... Oh ok I guess hes coming with... cool...

This is going to be a bit 3rd wheelish no? Me and the newlyweds patio shopping... ok maybe it wont be so bad....

It was! Not that they did anything wrong really but I walked a few paces behind them and listened to them make couple decisions & couple compromises and felt kind of guilty almost for being a part of this moment. Very fly on the wall-ish.

It was so nice... for them.
I was so happy for her in that moment, shes been through a rough past and it was so nice to see her happy and in something that seemed so "real" whatever that means.

I pushed my own thoughts as far back into my head as I could, no one needed to know how much I wanted that. How I looked at them from the outside wondering if that would ever be my life someday...

After all it was their moment... A simple and beautiful moment meant for them....

A moment not meant for me....

Today is a ME day!!

Ive been go go go for 2 weeks straight and its finally gotten to me!

After the shoot Saturday which btw went fabulously, I realized just how drained I was.. I went to a bbq bday at night and left at about midnight and was out like light by 12:45am... on a Saturday night!! I cant even tell you the last time I did that...

So today is a me day! Im going for a much needed pedicure... and yes this excites me because today is going to be 26° in the TDot!! Woohoo!

Dont you just love the first pedicure of the season? Being free of socks!! Best ever hehe...

Stay Pretty ;)

PS- I was going to post a pedicure pic but when I Googled it I almost gagged and remember my hatred for feet... ewwwww

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Photoshoot tomorrow & my makeup kit is ready!

I have a huge shoot tomorrow which I'm super excited about but also VERY nervous about. It will be about 14-15 models male & female some of which belong to Sutherland Modeling agency... great for my portfolio!

I'm heading out tonight so I decided to organize my kit last night. Here's a sneak peak :)

I also have a huge makeup bag I'm taking cuz not everything fit..

Man am I gonna get a work out this thing weighs a ton!!

Wish me luck... Ill try to take behind the scenes pics for yall ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

Garbage Island was......

Ok so like I mentioned in yesterdays post I had my mind set on watching Garbage Island last night with my friend. So I go over, we eat dinner, I convince her that we "need" to watch it in the spirit of Earth Day and plus she loves docu's so it was an easy sell. We found it online, set up the laptop and then we realize its in 12 parts..... UGH annoying but whatever.

Till we realized that each part was only about 5 mins... how silly! It became more annoying at this point but I still wanted to watch so we did...

We got to part 5 when sadly it just started getting boring and somewhat gross but all I really wanted to see was the garbage island... So I hit part 9 and settle in....

Well lets just say I got so grossed out by the things there were pulling out of the ocean and the things they talked about that I had to stop watching. It was VERY informative but I just couldn't deal with it on a full belly!

So yeah that's how that went lol... Did anyone else watch it??

Also Im not sure about how it is anywhere else but here in Toronto you can get a FREE small coffee at all McDonalds locations before 10:30am. It started a few days ago and I have gotten my free coffee every morning except today... It seems ppl have caught on and the drive thru lineups are re-donk-ulous!! I mean free coffee vs being late for work... or I should say being even later for work! I decided to pay the $1.30 at the Country Style to get my medium coffee today...

So for all you people who were in my way today at the drive thru I'm sending bad tummy vibes your way :P

Stay Pretty ;)

Happy Earth Day peeps!

Today I recommend you watch the documentary called "Garbage Island" I heard about it on the news today and I fully plan on watching it tonight. Check out this link to see more...

Its basically about a garbage pile the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean..... Seems made up or like a scare tactic but nope its true! So watch this docu or do your research so next time you even think about throwing something into a pond, lake or ocean you will think twice.

Stay pretty ;)

Poor Kermit & Co...

Warning the following picture is NOT suitable for children!!

WTF??!!! How does this shit even make it to the runway?!

Stay Pretty ;)

Weekend madness!

One of my best friends got married over the weekend it was soo nice... I cant believe it, it all happened so fast but went really well!

I finally got a new Canon camera BUT I didn't get an upgraded memory card cuz I thought that I would just use the one from my old canon.... ask me if I can find it!!! So I was only able to take like 10 pics of us getting ready..... Im waiting for pics from my other friends but here are a few I took from my crackberry....

This was the first night called the Mehndi or "henna" night.. They had a Moroccan theme and so the centerpieces were lanterns.

Traditionally on this night the bride is supposed to wear greens or yellows. Her outfit was light to dark green so she pulled some of those colors in the decor. Here is the stage with the bride and groom watching some dances by family.

I did her makeup for this night... As I said her outfit was light green that faded to dark green so of course the eyes had to match!

The next night was the reception which was stunning!
Check out the centerpiece!

And the cake cutting ceremony with the bride and groom and grooms cute daughter.

Overall an amazing weekend...

But now I'm officially drained and sick of Indian food (for now)... for those of you who follow me on Twitter I posted a pic of myself in my Saree... well the top of it anyway lol...

Stay Pretty ;)

Busy Body & my Promises for the weekend!

Well I don't have time to post much today as its one CRAZY day but I just wanted to say have a wonderful weekend. I will be attending to my girl this weekend as she gets married. Yup another wedding.... It sucks being one of the last single ones!

However I have made a promise to myself wanna hear it? Here goes....

-I will not cry, kick or scream
-I will not feel sorry for myself or throw my hands up and yell WHY?!
-I will not steal any of the brides spotlight in hopes a young available man will spot me
-I will not make fake conversations with any aunties or uncles who I don't know just to meet that somewhat normal looking man at their table
-I will not wear a fake engagement ring just so people I haven't seen in a while will think I've got something on the go or in the works
-I will not get drunk and try to pretend I know how to Bhangra... (good thing its a Muslim wedding with only fruit juice and water huh!)
Oh and
-I will not do her makeup so over the top so I look better than her muahaha jks I would never!

Yes this covers just some of the promises I've made for this weekend to myself... oh and the bride... hehe

Ok I promise you I'm really not depressed about this at all I'm super happy for her.... really I am....

Stay Pretty ;)

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She calls herself a makeup artist?!

One of my best friends is getting married this weekend and has had a hell of a time finding a makeup artist.... I know what you are all thinking why didn't she ask you?! Well she did ask me to do her makeup for Friday night which is the "Henna" party night (generally a bigger deal than the reception in her culture) but she doesn't want me running around and busy on the day of the reception which I understand since ill have lots to do...

Anyway she has been to trials with 2 different makeup artists and hasn't liked anything.. She went to visit #3 last night. She asked me to come with so I did as a friend not a makeup artist. I actually really liked this artist and she seemed to know what she was doing as she had been in the industry for 7 years and even works as an on call artist at MAC.

The trial was done in the washroom of a house with all her products spread out along the counter, which I suppose isn't the end of the world but what made me kinda wonder about her methods was when I looked down at her brush belt and noticed that some of the brushes weren't cleaned! Some of her MAC white haired brushes were multicolored and they could have been stained but I noticed shine from shadows on them too...

This is a HUGE industry standard NO NO! If its one thing that was stressed to us over and over its sanitation. I had to bite my tongue not to say anything since I only noticed half way through the application... I tried to convince myself that she had cleaned them and that they were just stained or that she wasn't going to use that particular brush on my girl... So I sat there in silence....

Until..... She got to the mascara part. She pulls out this tube of mascara and opened it up.. I knew it wasn't new because I could see the top had black all over it and any girl knows when you open a new tube its clean... This wasn't the bad part... I just about gaged when she used the brush from the used mascara tube on my friends eyes and then put it back in the tube and used it on the other eye! Mascara carries the MOST bacteria of all makeup and to keep it sanitary you NEVER use the wand that comes with it on your clients. If she used it on my friend shes obviously done it before, if she used it on someone with an eye infection guess what my friend now has it!

The makeup was amazing and so my friend booked her but as soon as we got in the car I told her what I observed and she said she was wondering why she did that too... I guess shes going to bring her own mascara the day of the wedding and also request she clean the brushes but it kinda makes me wonder what other sanitation issues she has!

Ladies if a makeup artist EVER uses a used tube of mascara on you make sure she uses disposable wands and never ever puts that wand back in the tube after shes used it. The last thing you want is someone else's pink eye!!!!

Anyway today I have to list a bunch of stuff on CL to sell so I can raise funds for my studio and make space in that room of mine, also I should finally get around to printing business cards since ppl have started asking....
I also have a big bruise on my bumbum :( I fell this morning don't ask...

Stay Pretty ;)

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"Hey there Nice Rack!"

I have to say you men really need to be a bit more creative when it comes to pick up lines...

This weekend I was at a bar that was playing all drum and bass.. now normally I don't mind listening to a lil D&B but not in a bar/club environment where I always feel like I need to be tripping on E or something to enjoy it. It seemed like everyone in there was high and how exactly does one dance to D&B??? All they were doing was jumping around with their arms out like a bird!

Anyway I wont even get into why we ended up there... lets just say there was promise of hot guys which ended up being short, ugly men instead! So I'm standing there with the people I came with and I got introduced to a guy who was a friend of a friend.... everything was cool till he comes to sit beside me and opens his conversation with "hey there..... you have a nice rack"....

REALLY?!! First of all thanks but Ive had these babies since I was 9 and am quite aware just how nice my rack is... I'm pretty sure I don't need YOU to tell me! Second was there nothing better you could have said?... nothing?! Or is this the kinda of Rico Suave shit pick up lines men think will get you somewhere these days?!

Or maybe this is what my life has come to... attracting AMAZING men like this!

Awesome! btw I'm back on lava (don't even ask me why cuz it sucks balls) and let me just say 50 yr old men with missing teeth heart me! I'm sorry but WHAT about my pic or profile says you would even have a chance?! Maybe the older they get and the more teeth they loose the more balls they gain?! lol.... who knows.... just venting!

Stay Pretty ;)

My First Week Back and....

My first real week back at work and im here early! Why you ask? because I had to move my car from the underground as the power washing begins today and I love my car too much to let it suffer or risk being abused my strong water pressure!

A few things I had forgotten and or missed about the office...
- how much I missed my daily Country Style Coffee runs because they are SOO much better than Tim Hortons! Yeah I said it :P
- how cold/hot it gets in my office due to the large windows and that thing we call the sun
- how much I loved hearing the order desk lady flirt with all the old men who call.. (insert wide eyed straight mouth msn smiley here)
- how much I enjoyed seeing my entire family everyday
- how great it was to have my very own washroom
- how convenient it was to have a mini kitchen close by
- how close work was to home and the fact that I no longer have to ride the germy subways every morning
- blogging on a reg
- and last but no least being in touch via email,msn, facebook,twitter & phone all day.. this was made easier by my crackberry but viewing everything on a tiny screen gets to you after a while!

So Im glad to be back to my routine... cuz I heart routine and you!

Stay Pretty ;)

Back @ work = good blogger!

Hey hey hey
Im finally back at work after 3.5 months. Was supposed to be back yesterday but I've been a sicky :( stupid flu! Im finally feeling a wee bit better though. Its kinda strange being back, sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day. I had forgotten how cold my office was (big windows and all) and while I was gone someone stole my space heater.. how rude!

SO this weekend is Easter long weekend and my big plans are to finally clear out my second bedroom which is now just a junk/storage room so that I can put a studio/closet in there.... I need a place I can do makeup when people come for trials and applications so I have to get on that asap!

So pics to come next week.... Oh I also have to go look for a new digi cam this weekend since my kick ass one broke the first week of school... im still bitter!

Happy to be back, now I gotta catch up on all your blogs!

Stay Pretty ;)

Makeup Artist seeks beautiful faces!!


I graduated today and I am now officially a certified makeup artist!!

Ok so who wants their makeup done? :P

Woot Woot!!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Exams are OVA & Black & White photoshoot pics are in!

Praise the lord exams are OOOoOOOver!!! One more day of school count em ONE!

Exam went better than I though so thats good and I got my black & white photoshoot pics back finally and they came out Amazing if I do say so myself :) Check em out what do you think??

Model - Nikki E.
Hair & Makeup Artist - Far B
Photographer - Joanna F

Stay Pretty ;)

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3 days left and the claws come out!!

Ok so there are only 3 days left at school and all I have to say is THANK GOD!!! Honestly I really cant wait to get back to socializing with people my own age. God some of these girls are SO immature and while I could handle it for a while after 3 months of this shit im counting down the days!

In other news you will be happy to know I shall be back to regular blogging as of late next week!!!! Which means not only will I be posting more often but I will also finally be able to catch up on all your blogs yay!!

Stay Pretty ;)


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