Are you ready for Halloween??

Happy Halloween!!

First after yesterdays poll results ive decided that the dolls name will be Suri Creepy Doll :) thanks to all those that voted ;)

In the spirit of Halloween I thought id post some hilarious, crazy and just plain strange pumpkin pics I found...

Ok so ive put together my Halloween check list.... this year i decided last week that i was going to go out and actually dress up this year SO upon many hours of brainstorming costume ideas I jokingly blurted out why dont I just be a dominatrix... well everyone thought that was my best idea lol so Im going with it!

I tested out the makeup I wanna do and let me tell you I didnt even recognize myself! It was so dark and mysterious that even when I smiled I couldn't look anything but angry lol.. I suppose this is the perfect look for a dom huh... they arent supposed to be nice anyway...

Ok so after running around to 3 "Adult" stores collecting items for my costume i think ive finally got it all...

- Elaborate fake lashes? Check
- Bustier? Check
- Stilettos? Check
- Black nail polish? Check
- Temp "On the Prowl" tattoo? Check
- Leather whip? Check :)
- Black bondage tape? Check ;)
- Black eyeshadow? Check
- Deep purple lipstick? Check
- Letter Stickers? Check
- Stick on rhinestones? Check

I think thats it... when I post pics you will see what all this stuff is needed for.. hehe... although if I end up looking like a fool then maybe I wont post pics.... bah who am I kidding... Pics Monday!

Do you have your costume checklist ready??

Ok so im going as a Dominatrix.... Mistress Far my alter ego for the night....

What are YOU going to be this halloween?

Be safe, play nice and have a very freaky halloween.. cant wait to see all your pics ;)
Oh and dont forget to count the number of times you hear "Thriller" by MJ today lol...

Stay "freakin" Pretty.... ;)

xoxo Mistress Far

ps- dont forget to check back early next week for my great giveaway details :)


Endless Randomness said...

Can't wait for the pics! :)

Katie Says So said...

Hey! Cant wait to see your pics!!! I am taking my niece and nephew out trick or treating so I havent deciding if I am going to be dressing up or not...I know, I suck! haha...Hope you have a great halloween!!!

jr said...

You naughty girl - you know you had all those things in your closet anyways. I like how you PRETEND that they weren't ;P.

I really wanted to use my baby belly in the most inapporpriate ways so I thought of being a nun and hubby being a priest. Then I thought of a pimp and ho duo. Pregnant teen and teacher. Alas - I have decided to PAINT my belly in a traditional pumkin and hubby will be something completely unrelated. I can't wait to see your hot pics!

jr said...

is it wrong that I'm gonna use that pumpkin-painted arse as a blue print for my bellay??

Far said...

straight up... YES lol.. weirdo

Maxie said...

that butt pic is so nasty LOL

supermango said...

dominatrix, eh? you can tie me up anyday


no really, you can ;-)

Pilgrim said...

LOL those pics are great!

A.M. said...

I can tell I'm going to like your blog already.
Hope you have an awesome Halloween since you've put so much effort into. I wasn't feeling it myself, so it's looking like a night of blogging for me.
Shocker, I haven't heard Thriller today hmmm....

& the pumpkin booty is funny hehe.

Rebekah said...

Boo, I did a whole lotta NOTHING for Halloween. Everyone at work asked what my costume was and I said I was sick and tired. Clever, no?

And LOVE the very top pumpkin picture. That's kind of the Calvin and Hobbes snowman version of a pumpkin.

Brian in Mpls said...

I love the pumpkin pie

Anonymous said...

You gotta like any list that includes "bustier."

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