Tag Youre It!! What you didnt know about Moi!

So the wonderful Natasha of Endless Randomness has officially tagged me so how could I say no...

Here goes... A few things you may or may not know about me....

1) I HATE feet.... the ONLY exception to this is babies feet...
It all dates back to when I was oh about 13 and my younger brother then 12 thought it would be hilarious to stick his square abnormally hairy smelly feet in my face... I hate to admit this but I believe a big toe actually got into my mouth... *shudder* ever since then ive loathed feet... I dont want to touch yours, NO you cant touch mine, absolutely NO affectionate games of footsies and in fact dont even come around me without socks on... I used to be a lot worse I couldnt even be around socked feet but im much better now lol...

2) Horror movies & me = trouble.... I refuse to watch ANY horror or supernatural film because not only do they scare the crap outta me but the thought of going home alone after scares me even more... All I do is lay in bed, stare into the darkness and make up things that arent there in my head! Its just too stressful to watch them lol... I cried when I watched the exorcist.. and I was 22!

3) My grandmother (dads side) passed away when I was 6months old. Ive heard LOTS of stories about her from my father most of them include her psychic abilities and her ability to "see" things... Not all stories were good and fluffy.... Ive been warned never to go near a weegie board by my father who has seen enough things to scare me for life!.... This is another reason I cant stand movies about this stuff... because I believe in it!!!

You THOUGHT you knew..... but you had NO idea!!!

Ok ok enought about me... lets hear YOUR "what you didnt know about me" tales...

Im Tagging ALL of you (respond on your blogs OR in my comments)

Stay Pretty ;)


Mich said...

i have rocks in my head. i know... it sounds so weird but its true.

when i was in 1st grade i was hanging upside down from the monkey bars and slipped and split the back of my head open. i was rushed to the doctor and it took my mom and 4 nurses to hold me still for the doctor to pull the little playground pebbles out and to stitch me up.

well.... apprently he missed one. i can totally feel it. no one can see it or anything because it is under my hair.

i still think that one day when i am like 80 years old it will fall out and i will just have big hole there.
ive heard it happen to other people...

im the mean time my dad likes to bug me and say that i have rocks instead of brains (its been going on for years now) and one of my best friends like to call me "rock head".

Endless Randomness said...

Hate feet...lol funny story, I feel your pain :P

Btw, I hate horror movies too. Infact even silly made up stories scare the crap outta me. My idiotic "friends" made it a point to call me on 05/06/06 and remind me that it'd be 06/06/06 that night and as funny as it may sound - I did not sleep all night and had a crabby work day on the 6th :(

Anonymous said...

i hate feet. i agree with your first one, i believe that from the ankles up, humans are great, from the ankles down, i just...HATE FEET!!

ToughGirl101 said...

I'm scared of needles.

I'm insecure about my body.

Oh, and I'm a commitment phobe (or maybe you knew that?)

Bon Don said...

I too can not stand Horror, Thriller & Action movies. I don't like feeling nervous.

I don't mind feet if they don't smell and they aren't touching me.

Oh and I have a really good sense of smell, it's a curse really. I can smell dirty skin and oily scalp, it's gross.

So@24 said...

Man. A girl with cute feet is one of the best things ever!

Far said...

granted a womans feet isnt as bad as men but come on... the big toe... ew its just wrong lol

JR said...

I have a severe phobia of spiders and I actually have 'spidey sense'. I can spot them in even the most remote places.

I can't eat eggs unless I have toast with it. If I finish my toast before my eggs I can't finish eating my eggs.

I rub my FEET (yes feet) when I'm trying to get comfy in bed. I rub them on my sheets or on each other. If you are sitting at the edge of the couch where my feet are I'll unknowingly wiggle them under you.

I am afraid of the dark. I'm more afraid of hollywood boogeymen then I am of actual real life predators. I figure I'll take my chances with a human but I can't do much with something that has red or black eyes and long talons.

I believe in documentries about the supernatural and love watching anything that pertains to people coming in contact with the Mothman, Chupacabra, ect.

children scare me.

Far said...

I love how children scare you yet you are about to have your second lol..

AC said...

Wow after all these years and I still get to learn things about you!!! :)

I sat on a pencil once and had to go to the hospital for stitches...fun I tell you! :)

(I don't like feet either!!!)

Lulu said...

I like scary movies, I like to be scared and then later I hate that I watched because I really am scared. I am neutral about feet, but know a guy that had a foot fetish and had feet pictures all over his blog. Loved womens feet. I can't stand public restrooms. I think I am developing a germ phobia. Women are just nasty in there. Is it me or are they less clean than they used to be?

I will be giggling at rocks in the head the rest of the day.

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