Interesting Fashion.... Ugly or just plain Fugly?!

Hits or misses???

Well here's what I thinks...

Is this a shoe or horse hoof??

Ok Im sorry but the ONLY ppl that should be allowed to wear neon crocs outside the house are nurses & kids under 12.... anyone else should have Clinton & Stacy from what not to wear called on them asap! I dont care how comfy these things are!!!!
Actually I take that back small kids should not be allowed to wear these out because they are dangerous....

This I just dont get... I mean these are the new thing on the runway Ive heard but arent we supposed to be making guns look LESS cool as opposed to making them high fashion?? Besides being ugly they are also making guns fashionable... me no likey!

WTF?! Like seriously.... Sandal or boot? Ugly or Fugly? come on what are these things???

Anyway I could go on for days but Ill leave you with these "people will seriously wear anything" fashions!

For something even stranger read yesterdays post!

Stay Pretty ;)

xoxo Far


Brian in Mpls said...

I am going to have to vote for just

LJ said...

Yep pretty Ugly, I have always hated crocs! Everyone is like but they are so comfortable.....YEAH so are tennis SHOES and not as ugly!

Little Fish said...

Ugly! The worst are the sandal boots- what exactly is the point?

Nifty Adventures into Denmark said...

thanks for visiting my blog the other day. The site or community is on the

I couldn't agree more about the crocs. Personally I think they are the ugliest shoes.

SS+1 said...

I don't get the sandal boots...I mean, what's that ball thingy (which presents the PERFECT opportunity for a "that's what she said!" hehehe).

Miss Tiff said...

I'm so confused about the whole sandel boots. I think those were worst. They are fugly and what purpose do they serve?

ToughGirl101 said...

I love guns, hate the shoes.

I cannot wear high heals because of bad knees, plus they're just damn uncomfortable. I don't get fashion mainly because it SERVES NO PURPOSE! I'll wear $50 jeans if it'll last m 5 years, but for the POS that comes down the runway? puh-lease.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I HATE crocs. HATE them.

The only thing I have to disagree on is that I LOVE the gun shoes...I know that Chanel made some and I thought they were cute...then Madonna wore them and I was like..ehh..

But yeah, everything else...ugly. Lol. Maegan said...

crocs=NEVER evereverEVER okay.

Endless Randomness said...

Yuck.. the worst thing someone can do is wear "gimmicky" stuff and all these so qualify as gimmicky.

The neon clogs/ hoofs are truly the worst. What outfit can anyone ever wear those with anyway?!

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

*barf* to all of those shoes.


and not even kids should be allowed to wear crocs.

I know mine wont!

Agent Elle said...

The black and pink ones look damn awful.

However, I'm sorry to say this but...

...I like the gun shoes.

PinkAvocado said...

ok.. i have a confession, i did the crocs for a day. i have a good excuse i swear.
i was in chinatown and my flip-flop tore and so i had to get a pair of something. i have tiny feet hence had to get the crocs .. only thing in my size. they're somewhere in the back of my closet. never to see the light of day again.

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