Halloween Pics....

Ok so I lied there are no Halloween pics yet because yours truly was a mess Friday... grrrr.... I had every intention of posting tons of pics of my Halloween extravaganza today however I was in such a mad rush Friday that I forgot my camera at home :( My girl took a few pics but she has yet to email them to me so no pics today.. booo

Friday consisted of about 2 hours of prep time.. which included about 30 minutes of attempting to apply false lashes. Ive never thought about applying false lashes because I was born with a full set of long lashes which are annoying when trying to wear sunglasses but great for not having to fuss with falsies... However I decided that I had to have them cuz my costume would be SO much better with them. After watching about 5-6 different youtube tutorials on how to apply these lashes I was confident that I wouldn't have any issues... Boy was I wrong! My real lashes got in the way and then when I finally got them to stick they didnt look right so I ended up ripping them off which left glue all over my lids and me having to re-do all my dramatic eye makeup... Now you see why I forgot my camera.. I was too busy ripping glue off of my eyelids lol..

There were some interesting costumes ... lets see oh there was the guy that showed up as "Facebook" his "wall" was his white t-shirt which I wrote on, there was the "guy in the shower" costume which was kinda odd and not the best choice for a club.. no one could get within 3 feet of this guy because his shower rod and curtain were bumping into everything... needless to say he spent most of the night in the corner...

The only pic I was sent so far from others was the pic of mr facebook...

Saturday night we went out for my girls bday where I met a doctor.... a Gynecologist to be exact.... I know that he wasnt because his friend ratted him out which makes me wonder WHY do men think its a turn on when you tell us that you inspect womens vagina's all day long? Turns out he is a sales manager at Leons Furniture.... From inspecting women to inspecting furniture... hmMMm... I also met a Canadian guy who was in a Korean rap band who sung in Korean in Korea..confusing I know but sort of fascinating... He made me feel like a cougar when I found out his age though.. Im not ready to be a cougar yet.. Maybe after my 30th bday in Jan ;)

Anyway I spent Sunday with a mad headache I suppose I was hungover but I didn't even feel intoxicated the night before... perhaps i was lol..
Today I feel like crap cuz I think I'm getting a cold boo :(

Anyway so tomorrow I will be announcing my giveaway details yay... stay tuned!

Stay Pretty ;)

xoxo Far

Update: I just got a pic emailed to me... Do I look like I could kick your butt? lol I tried ppl!



Mich said...

i cant wait to see some pics of Mistress Far!!!!

ps. i cant wait for Jan now!!!

jr said...

you look TOTALLY hot woman. LOVES IT!

ToughGirl101 said...

oooo-very sexy!

Mich said...

you look smokin hot~!!!!!

Bon Don said...

Wow I totally just had a lesbian moment! very hot!

Bon Don said...

Wow I totally just had a lesbian moment! very hot!

Anonymous said...

u can spank me anyday

surviving myself said...

Damn! You look sexy as hell!

raych said...

you definitely look like you can kick my butt ... and i'm ok with that

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