Art in the City?!

Its chilly out... I broke out my winter coat the other day.. WHAT is wrong with this pic??! I dont know why Im so shocked I DO live in Canada after all lol...

Anyway I think Im going to check this out tomorrow night....

The 3rd Annual Nuit Blanche. A free all night contemporary Art thing.... Ive been the last 2 years and loved it.. well except for the crazy lineups to get into the tiny art galleries on Queen st... I think ill stick to all the outside exhibits this year!

Something about thousands of Torontonians roaming the downtown streets from sundown to sunset. The crazy exhibits that make no sense to some but are still unbelievably amusing... Light shows, crazy puppet shows (yes there was a man in a garbage can with a puppet last year) and this year there will even be a Zombie event at College Park... seems so fitting... for just a breif few hours my city turns into one huge art exhibit, and then just as if nothing had ever happened life resumes as normal sunday after sunset... I love being reminded of just how great and diverse my city really is... LOVES it!

Pics Monday!!

Have a pretty weekend ;)

ps- Happy Birthday Moms :) YUM CAKE!!


Helmey said...

have fun! and thanks for the rock!

justin said...

that cake looks delicious.

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