Wow That was Fast!

So I think... im pretty sure ive hit the calm.. you know the one after my dramatic storm... Yes indeed... today I feel a sense of contentment... a small glimmer that things will indeed be juuuust fine! Damn that was fast.. I mean I normally get over things pretty quick but this time I felt it was worse... I was in a deeper place... meh guess not!

This morning I had to go to the Chinese Embassy again.. this time to pick up the visas and was SO hoping to see the desperate housewife walking her dog or that Old neighbour who daydreams about her all day... BUUUT I saw no one... well actually I saw protesters... doing Tai chi while protesting something... there was music and people staring... I dont know but I was told they are there often protesting this or that... It was the most... well, peaceful protest ive ever seen... Speaking of Tai chi I once joined a Tai Chi session in a random park in Shanghai.... No I didnt know what I was doing and Yes they stared at me even more then they normally do when Im in China but you know what they say... When in China ;)

Tai Chi wasnt for me... I quickly learned this. Just like yoga I find it too slow, I can never seem to shut my mind off completely and focus on the task at hand SO Ive decided to give kick boxing a try... I figure beating someone or something (even if its the air) up at this point may do me some good! Every Saturday for 8 weeks... yikes im gonna be sore!

Hmmm this may require some new workout gear... cute pink boxing... er boxers?!!
Maybe not....

Stay Pretty ;)


Sara said...

I'm not much of a yoga girl myself but I actually take a kick boxing class once a week and it kicks my ass! It's so much fun, I'm always psyched for Tuesday nights!

Mich said...

ooooo fun!! you will have to keep us updated on how the kickboxing classes go!

~Juanita~ said...

Tai Chi & Yoga sound more my speed...slow. I like to clear my mind and feel at peace.

Kick Boxing has benefits because you can have fun and learn how to kick someone's ass at the same time :)

Born with a big mouth! said...

I like the boxers!!!

not sure if they have a class there like we have here, but I like "Zumba". it's cardo, to fun music, dance away your cares.....

keep on girlie .... life, from my view, wil lonly get better when you move forward and let tomorrow go..... Maegan said...

how fun! I too wish I could calm my mind down enough to focus into yoga or tai chi ...they all look so zen and I want it.

Cute blog! :)

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