So much for breaking records!!

Good Monday morning :) So if you havent already seen my post on my great Shoe Dilemma below please read and advise thank you :)

I had great plans of going bowling & to bingo this weekend however we didnt end up going to bingo in the end... just bowling where... wait for it.... I hit a new personal LOW at a whopping 49 points!!! Like seriously... I suck.. There were 11 of us and well no surprise I came in last... I really wanted a loser prize but instead they pointed and laughed! lol.. How is it possible to get WORSE each time you bowl?!! OYE...

Lucky Strike Lanes... (wasnt so lucky for moi)

My first 3 frames.... I was going for zeros across the board!!

Final Scores.... YES! a whole 49!!!

Saturday we went for dinner and then to Yuk Yuk's comedy club where Ive now got my share of dirty words, names for the vagina region, stories that will disturb me for days and foul language to last me a good solid month! I mean dirty jokes are funny for about 5 mins but if your whole act is like that it gets old.. meh the men in the audience seemed to really love it.... figures!

Sunday was spent with my daddy :) He came by to help me install a sexy chandelier I got, install my new tv and put up a bookshelf. Well the tv got set up nicely so we moved onto the chandelier which was a scene and a half... trying to figure out which switch in the condo hooked up to that damn outlet... Once we finally figured out that it was the yellow and white wires (not the other 4 colored wires they had up in there geez) we hooked up the chandelier... yeah well its up there but its a bit lopsided due to the fact that my dear father decided that we didnt need the wire in the middle... he cut it off and now it tilts to one side! Well he said he would come back and fix it and I wholeheartedly believe him however my parents left for JAPAN this morning!! So I shall live with a slightly unbalanced light fixture for 10 days.... I think ill survive... The bookshelf got put together but then the cordless drill died so on my floor it sits for the next 2 weeks...

Anyway here are 2 of the 3 before and after shots...
My old tv that you needed 3d goggles to watch due to the fact that the convergence board was shot...

42" Samsung rear projection approx 6yrs old... RIP....

AFTER: Brand New 42" LG LCD :)

My dining area.... urrr dont mind the NAAAACHOOOO libre mask in the background... hehe yes im weird like dat!!

BEFORE: Standard white cap...booo

AFTER: A brand NEW chandelier!! (say it in your best Bob Barker voice plz)
Loving the crystals... and yes yes I know its not perfectly straight... we are workin on this remember!

Shelf pics to come... when its up!

I hope you all had a fab weekend... welcome to monday!!

Stay Pretty ;)


jr said...

awe, I can just picture you and your daddy trying to hook up your fixture, lol! I think you should leave it tilted - kinda makes it more sentimental.
Love the improvements on your place hun. Next time I come up there we'll party like it's 1999.

p.s 49 is still a good number somewhere in some far off country, planet ;P

Mich said...

snazzy!!! i love it! and the table too. thats new since i was there last. looks great!
only thing missing is a little plant named Ivana! LOL

and the TV looks great too. including the funky stand you have it sitting on.

AC said...

Hot TV my dear!!! When can I come meet it in person!?!?! Perhaps for one of the upcoming LJ episodes!?!?!

Chandelier looks awesome too!!!

Bon Don said...

awe man that is one cute chandelier! very luxurious!

Dallas Black said...

49 points? Did you roll the ball the right direction? Wowsa. I am sorry sweetie but thats...special.

But your style and the chandelier make up for it.

So who is watching The Simpsons on the new tube?

Dallas Black

Far said...

LOL I know i know i suck thanks for rubbing it in bud!!!
And it was I that was watching simpsons :) it never gets old!

supermango said...

big hug big hug little kiss big kiss big kiss little hug

the chand. looks nice. i like the upgrades! you go girl!

Born with a big mouth! said...

love the new light fixture!!

and who doesn't have masks like that in their house :) ha

*Akilah Sakai* said...

The chandelier is groovy! I like, I like.

I just love the sexy 42" LG LCD TV...and it has nothing to do with the fact that I have a 42" LG LCD TV in my bedroom. Nope! Nothing at all to do with that.

Alexa said...

ha, your bowling score looks like my bowling score.

Himbo said...

I've probably never scored 49, I'm surprised if I make any pins fall. That Chandelier is delicious! I want it!


Meaghan said...

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Anonymous said...

Oooh. That is a sexy new tv.

supermango said...

btw, u really need to work on ur bowling skills. maybe start off with those gutter guards? do they have those at lucky strikes? ;-)

Mira said...

Finally new TV!! Better for your eyes:P I want to come over to see your new settings!

Far said...

Anytime huny bunches!

Liana said...

i love the new chandelier!! i love the style of your dining room?/kitchen nook? love it either way!! i passed a tag onto you on my page :)!

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