Shoe Dilemma!

ok so I have a little shoe dilemma .... When I was in Seattle in August I found these amazing BCBG heels at Ross... SO hot! They were unbelievably cheap and in my size so how could I say no...

Heres the problem... they are a size 8... I am normally a 7.5 or 8 but when I returned home and tried them on again I realized they fit more like a 8.5.. they are too big on me... So I thought ok no problem ill slip some insoles in and they should be good... well as you can see from the pics I tried the insoles AND cushions on the back of the heel and they are STILL big...argh I heart these shoes and really want to be able to wear them... Does anyone have any suggestions???

Help me get into these babies!!

Stay Pretty ;)


Mich said...

OMG they are SOOOOOOO cute!

i dont know what you can do though... maybe double up on the insoles and heel things?? LOL

Meaghan said...

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LJ said...

AWESOME SHOES!!!!!!! I don't know big shoes are hard to make work especially open toe ones, because you can't stuff kleenx in the toe.

Here is what I found though, some girl on Yahoo answers asked the same question, she got a useful response maybe it will help you. Here is the link:

supermango said...

i have a suggestion... wear socks! purple with black stripes. LOL

Far said...

LOL so I can get less dates then I have now?!!! LOL no thanks Maegan said...

Take them to the shoe repair and ask them to add a thin mary jane strap just under your ankle bone so as not to chop up the length of your leg. It should only cost about 10$ or so.

I did it to these:

Tommy Buettner said...

If my wife came home with that dilemma, I would do what any caring husband would do. I would console her, give her a hug, and whisper to sweetly, "Well, at least you can wear them to bed for me...let's give a try."

Sunny said...

Go back to the shop and get a smaller size.

Of course it is rather far, but that's a matter of life and death... Right?

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