Dumpster Diving....

Dear Mr Sensitive,

I got your email regarding you wanting back the 2 lame dvd's you lent me. Feel free to drop by to pick them up.

Miss. Im way 2 good for you.

Ps-They can be picked up in my buildings dumpster and garbage pick up day is monday so I wouldnt wait too long if I were you :)

Thank god I ended things with his LAME and cheap self.... excuse me while I go poke my eyeballs out.. yes both...

Stay Pretty ;)


Born with a big mouth! said...

you make me smile!

you should go to kickboxing now!!

Far said...

its not till saturday doh... lol

Endless Randomness said...

yaaay.. losers deserve such treatment. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that one of the DVDs was The Notebook.

Himbo said...

I can't resist, which dvd's are they?

Such a loser, that guy is.

Far said...

it was Click and the family guy movie which i kinda wanna keep cuz i havent seen it yet and i heart fam guy teehee....

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