Are you ready for Halloween??

Happy Halloween!!

First after yesterdays poll results ive decided that the dolls name will be Suri Creepy Doll :) thanks to all those that voted ;)

In the spirit of Halloween I thought id post some hilarious, crazy and just plain strange pumpkin pics I found...

Ok so ive put together my Halloween check list.... this year i decided last week that i was going to go out and actually dress up this year SO upon many hours of brainstorming costume ideas I jokingly blurted out why dont I just be a dominatrix... well everyone thought that was my best idea lol so Im going with it!

I tested out the makeup I wanna do and let me tell you I didnt even recognize myself! It was so dark and mysterious that even when I smiled I couldn't look anything but angry lol.. I suppose this is the perfect look for a dom huh... they arent supposed to be nice anyway...

Ok so after running around to 3 "Adult" stores collecting items for my costume i think ive finally got it all...

- Elaborate fake lashes? Check
- Bustier? Check
- Stilettos? Check
- Black nail polish? Check
- Temp "On the Prowl" tattoo? Check
- Leather whip? Check :)
- Black bondage tape? Check ;)
- Black eyeshadow? Check
- Deep purple lipstick? Check
- Letter Stickers? Check
- Stick on rhinestones? Check

I think thats it... when I post pics you will see what all this stuff is needed for.. hehe... although if I end up looking like a fool then maybe I wont post pics.... bah who am I kidding... Pics Monday!

Do you have your costume checklist ready??

Ok so im going as a Dominatrix.... Mistress Far my alter ego for the night....

What are YOU going to be this halloween?

Be safe, play nice and have a very freaky halloween.. cant wait to see all your pics ;)
Oh and dont forget to count the number of times you hear "Thriller" by MJ today lol...

Stay "freakin" Pretty.... ;)

xoxo Mistress Far

ps- dont forget to check back early next week for my great giveaway details :)

Name that creepy doll Poll...plz vote

So I was over at Surviving Myself's blog where he expressed his love for polls... I too enjoy polls so why not have one to choose a name for the creepy doll below...

In case you are too lazy to scroll down or click the link this is what she looks like so please vote so she can get her new identity lol....

Stay Pretty ;)

ps- Stay tuned because I will be hosting a giveaway next week :) Check back Monday for details.... exciting!!!

xoxo Far

They went to Japan and all I got was......

So my parents returned from Japan last night and after I picked them up and they got to unpacking they announced they had something for me... My dad says here you go and hands me a pink box.. I opened the box to find a doll... A cute little doll but none the less a doll... Im not really a fan of stuffed animals let alone dolls and this one is cute but something about those beady little pitch black eyes reminds me of the chucky movies...

So now where do I even put this thing? It doesnt go with my decor at home so I cant display it (nor would I really want to) hmm guess it will stay in the box until I figure out what to do with her.. Lets name her shall we??!!

Im now taking name suggestions for the above doll... she needs a new identity lets give her one lol...

Ok so I didnt just get the doll I got a bunch of cute nik naks... oh there was a paper fan which im sure they just picked up cuz they thought it was cute and since im the only girl I get it by default I think... I got 3 rhinestone hair clips which are cute, a really pretty bookmark which will now replace the scrap piece of paper I currently use & a brand new pair of TOE socks.... We all know how much I hate feet and the thought of emphasizing ones toes almost makes me wanna gag but the good news is they are for my feet which im kinda over hating lol... I wonder how they feel on...

They also brought back some snacks... check out the size of Japans corn nuts in comparison to the north American standard corn nuts... HOLY super sized corn!!

Oh and of course the candy & mints... check out the Crunky chocolates lol... We have Crunk cups they have Crunk chocolates...

Well they had a blast but they are jet setters so im kinda used to their travel stories & adventures... now I see where I get my travel itch from! Speaking of which I really need a vacation... whos in???

Stay Pretty ;)

xoxo Far

Random Tuesday.

Last night I met a friend downtown and she took me to one of her fav little spots called Irie Food Joint. Its a cute little Caribbean restaurant that has some very interesting artwork. Check out these pieces all made with HAIR! Kinda gross, kinda cool....

I thought the menus on records was a cool idea....

So yesterday we saw some pretty ugly shoes so today I shall show you a new pair of boots I got I hope you dont think these fall into that category cuz I love em and they were only $35!! Score :) The guy at the cash actually gave me 30% off which is why they were $35.. sometimes showing those pearly whites really helps lol...

Some bird or birds really loved my car the other day.. They did their business all over my poor white car SO I had no other choice but to get an ultimate car wash.... Does the tri-colored foam at the car wash make anyone else super happy? Not really sure why but when the blue,yellow & pink foam covers my windshield I stop whatever im doing and become a little giddy kid lol..

Picking the rents up from the airport today they make their grand return from Japan today... Im also planning on visiting my cousin today as she had a baby girl on Saturday.. aww the first baby girl in our fam :) cant wait I can finally buy baby girl clothes YES!

Halloween is in 4 days and I may be going to a lounge downtown to celebrate. I wasnt into dressing up this year but I may just have to... Im thinking Dominatrix lol..... Mistress Far... oh yeah I like that, has a nice ring to it!

Today is also Diwali! It's the festival of lights....Happy Diwali to all that celebrate it :) We have Diwali sweets & food in the office today yum :)

Stay pretty ;)

xoxo Far

Interesting Fashion.... Ugly or just plain Fugly?!

Hits or misses???

Well here's what I thinks...

Is this a shoe or horse hoof??

Ok Im sorry but the ONLY ppl that should be allowed to wear neon crocs outside the house are nurses & kids under 12.... anyone else should have Clinton & Stacy from what not to wear called on them asap! I dont care how comfy these things are!!!!
Actually I take that back small kids should not be allowed to wear these out because they are dangerous....

This I just dont get... I mean these are the new thing on the runway Ive heard but arent we supposed to be making guns look LESS cool as opposed to making them high fashion?? Besides being ugly they are also making guns fashionable... me no likey!

WTF?! Like seriously.... Sandal or boot? Ugly or Fugly? come on what are these things???

Anyway I could go on for days but Ill leave you with these "people will seriously wear anything" fashions!

For something even stranger read yesterdays post!

Stay Pretty ;)

xoxo Far

What my Saturday Nights have come to....

So its midnight on Saturday night and im actually home because my plans got cancelled... Im bored as hell and flipping through channels like ive just drank 3 red bulls when I saw something that caught my eye.... its late so the weirder the images the better..

A woman marrying a doll.. not just any doll a life size doll that she had made to look like her... so she married a doll of herself... Amber weds Amber doll... yes the dolls name is Amber Doll damn creative let me tell ya! They even got matching tattoo's.
ONLY in vegas!

If my dating life doesnt improve I may just have to resort to having a lifesize doll of myself made... Although I wouldnt marry myself, I think that would just about kill my mother.... common law would work just fine, she doesnt have to know I'll be living with a doll right?

Whats kinda funny is she was doing a photo shoot with the doll and they were at roller rink. She dropped the doll and her entire face fell off. She even cracked an eyeball lol.. Is it wrong that I laughed at this?? I feel like its wrong lol.......................... I have issues dont i?!

This has been the highlight of my Sat night... I know you are all so jealous of my ridiculously fabulous life right now!

Update: After googling Amber doll I saw pictures of the doll in a casket so I guess she died...

RIP Amber Doll... You will always be remembered for your silicone body, silky hair & detachable face.

Stay Pretty my pretty lil dolls ;)

xoxo Far

My days in Montserrat

Because I have nothing interesting, witty or fun to talk about today I will share some pics with you all :)

A few years ago I got the chance to visit the tiny island of Montserrat you can read about this island here.

It is quite close to Antigua... and is I believe the only island that still has an active volcano on it...anyway I went with 4 of my friends... all of which were male... me and 4 guys.... I thought it was going to be weird but it was actually pretty chill... 3 of us lived in the same loft building downtown (1 i knew from college too) and the other 2 were friends of theirs...

Anyway we spent a week on a tiny non touristy island in a private 4 bedroom villa that had our own car, pool & cleaning lady! Yes it was expensive but SO worth it!!

We had to take a scary tiny plane from Antigua to Montserrat... this is how close I was to the pilot!

The entire plane....

The view from the plane

Yay we are finally here!
Know it! Love it! Show it!

Our Villa....

Our backyard... steps to the Caribbean Sea!

We even had our very own waterfall!

Oh and a private beach :)

We found turtle tracks...

Turtle eggs!!!!

They had interesting signs like this all over town...

We went out one night to see how the locals party... we realized that they open their windows and dj with speakers facing the streets...

hehe I even got to rock the mic and give a few shout outs to my buddies across the street... YES i actually went into this guys house... but how else could I be an MC in Montserrat?? lol

We then went across the street to the bar... yeah it was someones basement LOL... HEY when in rome... err or Mont do as the Monts do!

He had this hilarious sign in his basement

This was my friend.. lets call him Wilson... wilson was the town drunk... wilson liked Far.... yes even in far away lands I attract the cream of the crop!!

So as I mentioned there is an active volcano on this island and a few years before we went there they had an eruption and one whole side of the island had to evacuate.. they left behind their houses, cars & lives.... we had a private guide give us a tour of this side of the island.. EVERYTHING was still covered in ash from the eruption as you can see it was pretty unreal to see....

The Volcano

Someones home... you can see visitors have written on the outside doors over the years...

Inside that home... They had to leave everything behind including clothes that were still laid out and video game controllers that were still on the floor as seen below...

The town from the hilltop above...

Ive been lucky enough to travel to some very interesting places but this is by far one of my favs.. the people on this island are unbelievably friendly (most are Canadians, Brits & Americans who have retired to this island) and I would totally recommend this to anyone... I believe you can even do day trips to Mont if you are in Antigua.

Well I hope this was educational lol.. before my friends told me about this island I had never even heard of it so im passing the word along :)

Stay Pretty ;)

xoxo Far

What happens when you mix....

Note to self....
Do not mix Soy milk and instant decaf coffee EVER again!!

Yes it was necessary to record this for 20 seconds for effect!!!

This "bubbling" went on for a good 10 mins after which the soy milk finally decided to sink but I knew it was there... hiding...lurking in the darkness of the insta-coffee...

I couldn't bring myself to drink it so I offered it to the drain gods!

Here is the still pic for all you peeps who cant watch the video.... equally as gross and strange.... is milk supposed to part like that??

Last night I made another cup of instant decaf cuz I wanted to test it with Almond Milk... well there was no bubbling action and it mixed in well however it tasted weird... :{

How does anyone screw up INSTANT coffee at all let alone twice in one day??!!!
oye im hopeless...

Stay Pretty ;)

Puff Puff Pass The Flu.....

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the season here in Toronto.... Argh I knew this day was quickly approaching but its mid October COME ON!! Thank you global warming for giving us a summer full of rain and for bringing old man winter on us way too soon.... The only good thing is it was wet snow so nothing really stuck on the ground.... The rooftops however were a different story...

During the "storm".... ok it was hardly a storm (by Toronto's standards) but just work with me ppl...

Apparently it was even snowing inside my car..... oh wait thats dust bah...
My car likes to remind me just how cold and icy it was this AM... THANKS!

The Calm this morning after the "storm"..... white rooftops...

Fall leaves & Winter roofs... Welcome to Toronto!!

With the cold weather comes... yup FLU season.... it seems the entire office is sick and I have been battling a stupid annoying cough for a week now... I mean id much rather have a cough than the full blown flu but its really starting to annoy me... I wake up during the night to cough and then once I start theres no stopping me... I think I even fell asleep with a Halls cough drop in my mouth last night (gross i know) it was the only thing that would make me stop coughing...

Does anyone have any remedies?? Tea and Honey has not worked thus far :(

I think its time to get my annual flu shot... Thank god its free.. I love you Canada!!

Stay Pretty ;)

Ps- All you Cali and Florida peeps whats the temp at there?? I SO wish I was on a beach somewhere hot right now.....

*begin day dreaming now*

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