Long Live Mr Pisser, Edward Cullen = yum & someones got a girl crush?

So Mr Pisser text me twice this weekend.. seems like the more I ignore him the more persistent he gets... DUDE you asked a stranger to touch my boobs AND pissed in an alley twice on our first date... Ive been ignoring you since that frightful night in Sept but yet somewhere in that pee brain of yours you still think im going to magically text you back with "hey you i miss you lets hang out"?.. and you're a pilot? Who allows you to fly their plane? Note to self do NOT fly his airline!

In other news I was dragged to see Twilight this weekend... I haven't read the books, don't really know the story and really didn't want to jump on the band wagon BUT... I was forced to see it and I must say I REALLY want to meet a vampire now lol... I mean vampires have always fascinated me to no end but Mr Edward Cullen takes it to a WHOLE different level! I totally want to read the books now... On the other hand another friend of mine who was totally obsessed with the book went to see it as well and wasn't too impressed. Maybe I just enjoyed it because I had no expectations.. either way me likey!

Saturday night I went out for 2 birthdays. One was dinner and a Second City show which was hilarious and the other was out at the Drake Hotel Lounge/club. So after second city I headed over to my girls place and she took me up to the 20th floor where the birthday girl was having a few friends over at her place for drinks and snacks. I enter a room full of ppl I didn't know only to be greeted by the tipsy birthday girl. She then proceeded to tell the entire room how gorgeous she thought I was and went around the room asking everyone if they agreed... OK AWKWARD lol... This never happens to me and being put on the spot like that really embarrassed me for a second although there was a small part of me that loved the fact that it was coming from a girl because I felt it was genuine. My girl later told me that she thought her gf had a girl crush on me... cute.. Hey at this point ill take it!

The party was amazing the Drake had some serious old school jams spinning and after my post the other day I was SO in the mood to hear all of it!

Ok but back to the Mr Pisser situation... what do I do? Should I text him back with something or just leave it and hope he stops??.. argh

Stay Pretty ;)

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Mr. Consistently Inconsistent said...

I think you should let him know. If only women knew how much courage it took for us to call you girls. and then we have to wonder if we are using the right numbers...then we have to wonder what is really going ...and then ugh..ok, you get the idea.
Call him and let him know that his behavior turned you off and that you are not interested in pursuing any kind of relationship with him. That would be the best thing, no?

ReRe said...

you MUST read these books. they are amazing...WAY better than the movie, which i thought was crapola. but the books are amazing (the first 3 anyway)

Far said...

@Mr. Consistently Inconsistent - The thing is i HAVE told him a few times why I would never go out with him again I dont know why he isnt hearing me.. i dont want to be a bitch.. im really trying to avoid that as long as I can lol

@ReRe - I know im on it... borrowing book #1 soon cant wait

Anonymous said...

You could reply with, "sorry, between the herpes treatments and becoming a nun, shit's been busy, yo."

Little Fish said...

Do not answer him!! That's what he wants.

When my crazy stalker first started with the out of the blue texts I answered and it did no good. It only made him text me more because he was getting some contact from me which seemed in his mind to be better then nothing. So I stopped answering and the texts slowed to every few weeks then to once a month. It took a year, but they finally stopped and I have been stalker free since August!

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

I would block MR pisser from your phone. Just sayin', you might want try it for awhile.

Gabby said...

I just saw Twilight too! I loved me some Edward!

Bird * said...

just ignore him. replying will give him too much satisfaction. AND leverage for another text.

Jeremy James said...

Hi, Its my first time reading your blog and its pretty interesting.

Just to add my 2c, If you've already told him that you don't wanna go out with him, you don't have to do anything else. I'm a guy and I give the guy credit for trying, but you certainly don't have to keep explaining yourself to someone. Unfortunately you not interested, and he has to move on. A reply text will only see this him continue.

LipstickOne said...

I know I'm new and all and in no position to comment on your blog yet...but...HELLLLLLLLLL No!


Loves the blog, btw

Slick said...

Ugh...I'd ignore the crap out of him!

That's what all the girls did to me! After about 3 years, I'd finally let them go :p

Anonymous said...


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