Acceptable Work Foods.... Lets Explore!!

Acceptable work foods, what are they??

Lets examine this topic shall we? I got to thinking today as I peeled my baby Clementine at my desk - boy this smells... Not only does the odour stay on your hands forever no matter how much antibacterial hand soap you use, but it lingers in the air all around you... so much so that nearby coworkers either give you dirty looks or ask for some what what you got.

I ate my 2 baby clementines I did! I devoured each piece because it taste so good no matter how orangey I made the room smell but it got me thinking would I bring oranges to work again? Hell yes because thats a smell people can live with but what are some unacceptable work foods that are borderline or risky??

Lets make a list shall we?
- Tuna - really any kind of fish or seafood... generally this is not a pleasant smell
- Indian food - Although I heart Indian food... there is No fan strong enough to make this smell stay in the kitchen microwave and ONLy the kitchen microwave!
- Toast... I only mention this for the dorks who leave it in the toaster so long it burns and then I have to walk around the office all day smelling burnt toast and wondering if I'm having a stroke because of those stupid "do you smell burnt toast? then you may be having a stroke" commercials
- Soup... yes some soups when warmed up just smell yuck!
- Blue cheese..... although I like blue cheese dressing with wings... keep it for the pub!
- Bacon (pork or turkey).... getting your daily bacon fix in the work micro makes everyone suffer!
-Eggs... while we are on breakfast foods eggs are a big no no too
- Popcorn... this is always a yes and no.. yes because it tastes sooo good and it lures people to your desk and no because it stinks for hours and lures people to your desk!

Am I missing any key foods??

Conclusion? Only bland non smelly foods allowed at work please and thank you.... oh except my baby clementines... aint no one taking these babies away from me!

My keyboard smells like orange now...

Stay pretty ;)

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AC said...

I just ate 2 clementines myself :) Yum and I don't care what people around me think!!!

And my hands and keyboard smell too...

LJ said...

Eggs is totally the worst. I used to work in a office, that was small about four desk, probably 300 sq feet. The guy across from me would eat two hard boiled eggs a DAY!!!!! UGH! It truly was disgusting, we finally had to band eating in the office!

Anonymous said...

Why exactly are you smelling your keyboard?

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

Ha! I have a clementine in my lunch today, too. Have a fun Wednesday!

Cammie said...

Hi! Saw your comment on SITS....Im trying to figure out how to get linked up there too darnit!

>PS....if you thought Edward was hot in the movies you HAVE to read the books....I would jump in them and run away with him if I could.
signed....a Twilight obsessed Edward loving freak.

Angela said...

Tuna is DEFINITELY not acceptable. I don't even know how people eat it with how bad it smells! Isn't taste about 50% smell? Yuck.

DC said...

Oh my - funny enough, there's someone here eating Indian food today and the ENTIRE FLOOR stinks. Now, I love Indian food but come on, this is just gross.

The Loss Adjuster said...

I'd say bananas, for the peels. Just eat one, throw the peel in someone else's garbage, and let the fun begin.

surviving myself said...

Aw man... I love tuna!

Matt said...

I eat toast everyday at work.


SS+1 said...

to add to your list:

Cooking broccoli in the microwave = stink!

Raw onions = wrong for multiple reasons

Fun post!!

Gabby said...

Yeah, I'd also add onions to the list. I just had some though - my office probably hates me now!

So@24 said...

Your handwriting is like a font.

ReRe said...

i'm eating an orange right now. i don't mind the smell, i just hate that it makes my hands ashy. oranges should comewith lotion.

Andy said...

Do a lot of people eat eggs at work?

I definitely agree with Indian food. Most fish, too.

Mandy said...

Ugh! Today someone reheated fish for lunch and it was nasty. It just lingers and lingers.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I hate when people make popcorn at work, because it seems to be completely impossible to make it without burning it. Come on people, it's not hard.

OmegaRadium said...

Man, I love my Tuna sandwiches! I do keep them on the downlow, and brush my teeth thoroughly right after consumption.

I believe you should add a "Hot Hamburger" to that list. Its basically a raw hamburger patty that has been sitting in vinegar and mustard all smells horrid!!

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