You know what really grinds my gears pt 4

Slow gas pumps!

Its bad enough that I have to stand out there in the freezing cold windy darkness long enough to fill my 70L tank. Why is it that some pumps just take FOREVER to fill up.. I sat at the pump for like 20 mins the other day trying to fill my tank. I was hiding my face in my jacket so I wouldn't get frostbite on my nose and cheeks and every time I looked up it was STILL at 13 Litres...

I got so annoyed that I only ended up filling half a tank and by the time I got into the car again I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, so I sat there blasting the heat on them, siting on them, putting them under my armpits... WHAT? I was forced to do anything I could to save my poor fingers. Then some impatient dude behind me started honking because he was too lazy to just pull out around me.... argh it was NOT a good trip to the gas station lol... This is why I need to find a full serve station around me or find a man who's decent enough to fill my gas for me ;)

So after googling "slow gas pumps" (I swear google knows everything!) I found this little tid bit on

How to Fix a Slow Gas Pump
Have you ever been stuck at a slow gas pump? I'm talking about the kind where you would have to stand there for an hour for a full fill. Here's your solution.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:
  • Gas pump
  • Lack of patience
Step1 Stop pumping.
Step2 Lay the pump down on the ground.
Step3 Wait at least 5 seconds.
Step4 Pick the pump up and continue pumping at full speed!

Hmm I wonder if this really works and what kind of looks I would get from the nearby pumpers....(wait that didn't sound right)...

Stay Pretty ;)



Amber said...

Another reason why I hate winter because you can freeze to death just for some gas.

Why don't you sit in your car while it's filling up? At least you would be a tad bit warmer.

Far said...

amber- i would if i knew how to make that thing pump itself!!! :(

AC said...

Yeah it's so true...some pumps do take longer than others...but really at the end of the day it's the station losing out because it takes too long to get gas in the car and you're only willing to stand out there for a certain period of time so you'll just leave before it's full - whether you get $20 or $40 in that time period that you're willing to wait is up to them and their pump systems...

Liana said...

that's such a wierd recomendation! i once heard a woman on the radio saying she shakes the pump thing to get like an extra OUNCE! see if the ground thing works though!

S. said...

Slow gas pumps [especially wintertime) are the pits.

Or hands in pits.

Tough Girl 101 said...

I think you didn't get it to pressurize before you started pumping. Just hold off pullin' the trigger until you here the sound of the gas in the line (or feel the tightening of the line). Just sayi ;-)

clnmike said...

Never heard of that before, I got to try that, lol.

Pam said...

I am so trying that next time I fill up. I even know the exact pump that is always slow at the gas station near my house. I can't wait to try!

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