Sailing the Caribbean in 10!

So we are supposed to get approx 5-25cm of snow in Toronto Friday and then another storm on Sunday. Welcome to winter huh!

The only thing that's gonna get me through these 2 approaching storm is the fact that in 10 days I will be cruising the Caribbean!!
We booked a few days ago a 7 night southern Caribbean cruise over new years YAY! So not only do I now not have to stress about new years here but I will also be super tanned for my birthday when I return :)

I cant wait I SO need this vacation! A different island everyday? Yes please!!

10 Days and counting! Get me outta here!
Did I mention that im deathly afraid of drowning in a large body of water and being eaten by sharks?! .... note to self - do NOT watch Titanic or Jaws before we depart!

Stay Pretty ;)


Pam said...

You lucky lucky girl. I am you see the green?

Dee said...

Oh I am SUPER jealous even though I'm going to Florida. It's just not the same!!! *pout*

Mandy said...

Sounds wonderful! What a great way to spend New years.

Bon Don said...

YAY!! A cruise!!

I've been bugging my Hubby for one of those too! You lucky girl, I am Jealous!

Have fun, take lot's of pictures and yes, do not watch Titanic or jaws before you leave.

Andy said...

I did the New Years cruise before, and it's amazing. You'll love it.

JR said...

I am so excited for you girl. You totally deserve a break. Can't wait to see your beautiful tanned self when you get back.

Tough Girl 101 said...

I feel ya, i saw Poseidon and I totally never wanted to go on a cruise ever again.

S. said...

How fun! Now THAT's the way to bring in the New Year!!

Bird * said...

ahh.. you are going to LOVE it! i just returned from St. Thomas.... if you are going to be in St. Thomas during dinner go to MAFOLIE. You will thank me later. look it up and GO. they are only open for dinner. GO THERE!!!! :) have fun & be safe (and go to Mafolie)

justin said...

take me with you?

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