See ya in 2009!!

I'll probably be finishing packing, sitting in the airport, people watching in the air, boarding the ship or sailing the Caribbean sea depending on when you read this but I wanted to say BON VOYAGE Beaches!!

Im gone for a week and even though ill be partying it up in the middle of the sea with 4000 random strangers for new years I shall be thinking of you all! I promise to take pics of all the things worthy of a story or laugh and as my plan is to meet as many strangers as possible im sure ill have all kinds of stories upon my return :)

Happy New years my loves! Here's hoping 2009 sucks less than 2008 lol ;)

Stay Pretty and party hard I wanna see all of your pics too!!
ps- as im away for the next 2 sundays Throwback sundays will resume upon my return :) and I must say im REALLY surprise no one had anything to say about last weeks throwback! hmph!

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LJ said...

Have Fun!

The Loss Adjuster said...

Have a lovely trip, miss...

JR said...

I am so happy that you are getting away. You totally deserve it. Can't wait to see ya when you get back. Please be SAFE!!
Love ya

The Odd Duck said...

Have fun, be safe, and take plenty of pictures for us Ma'am. See ya in 2009.

Little Fish said...

Have a great trip and a very happy new yesr!

Rahul said...

Have a blastie blast on your trip. And don't get in trouble with pirates

PorkStar said...

happy new year, enjoy your trip

Laura said...

Happy New Year to you as well. May we all get really dirty this year so we can clean up with your soap :0

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