Happy Holidays Yall!

Ok so I WAS going to talk about the awesome sweater/jacket I found at some random shop called "Barak"(no lie) in the mall yesterday for $15, or the awesome cubic zircon diamond studs and awesome freshwater pearl studs I found at Dollarama for you got it a Dolla (great for my trip), or how its raining out and turning all the snow into nasty dirty slush that some people enjoy because it means that they can splash the poor people walking (what goes around comes around biatches!)

Buuuuut.... its Christmas eve and so instead I will talk about how today is our work holiday party which is really just a catered lunch and some treats, also today I will be attending my very first Christmas eve dinner at my girl Nix's house yay... this month has had a lot of firsts huh! Im so excited her house is always so beautifully decorated for the holidays.. you know just one of those houses you walk into and immediately feel the "spirit"?...

Also today I now only have 4 more sleeps till Im sailing the Caribbean!!! Muahahha had to throw that in there :)

Wishing you & your families a very merry happy holidays :) Be safe and enjoy the good eats and presents!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Bon Don said...

That picture is hilarious! We used to do that in high school to people walking home from school! LOL

I'm so excited for your trip, remember...lot's of pictures!

PorkStar said...

Hey there, merry christmas too... the pic is funny and i actually saw that happening to a bunch of roudy idiots... well deserved.!


S. said...

That penguin is too cute.

Happy Holiday Fun!!

Ibu said...

Happy Holidays..!!! Have fun.. :)

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