You know what really grinds my gears pt 3


I hate when I burn my tongue! That really freakin grinds my gears!
Damn you hot chocolate and your tempting little drink me even though your brain knows im boiling HOT voice!

My tongue is now numb... THANKS hot beverage gremlin... you are almost as evil as the zipper gremlin! I swear you 2 must conspire against me at night when im sleeping... how can we make her life just that much shittier tomorrow?!

I cant even be like that lady who sued Tim Hortons and blame anyone cuz I made the damn drink myself! Bah humbug....

Argh... Im sure google will know how to cure my burnt tongue...

Stay Pretty.... even with a burnt tongue ;)

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Anonymous said...

You are putting a lot of pressure on us to stay pretty.

What if I want to stop shaving for a bit and rock the hobo look?

bex said...

Burnt tongue makes me sooo sad. It's like I can't enjoy any flavor at the burned part for two days!

Bon Don said...

OOoh I hate it when I burn my tounge too! then food just doesn't taste the same for like two days!


hahaha peterdewolf is funny...I like the reminder Far!

Far said...

Thank you BonDon! Hes just a hater lol ;) jk P-dub! Maegan said...

oh my god, I think I burning my tongue more than almost anything ...well, other than biting my inner cheek or lip in the same spot over and over and over! ugh!

PorkStar said...

oh shoot, biting tongue or inner cheek, UGH... , try hitting your knee right there where it hurts more.. that just happened to me and i want to send this desk to the burner!!!

Steve Ballmer said...


Maxie said...

Oh I HATE burning tongue. I do it almost every day on my soup though. It freakin sucks.

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