From Sun to Snow in 7 Days!

And... Im back!!
I had a really good time even though I returned today 5lbs heavier and with 2 very sore burnt legs :( If you were under the impression like I was that brownies cant burn Im here to tell you that you my friend are wrong!

My legs are bright red and swollen which is really so unattractive cuz I kinda dont have ankles anymore lol... Cankles as they call them... dude this swelling better go down I was quite fond of my damn ankles! It was a struggle to put on socks today and the thought of putting on boots was too much to bare so I opted for pumps, thank god its not snowing today!

I have SO many stories from the amazing food to the stunning island tours which included beaches, rainforest's, waterfalls and greenery like you wouldn't believe, to the teeny boppers who snuck into the 18+ disco and dirty danced like they were in a porn or something, to the many 18-22 year old boys who seemed to take a liking to me, to the freaks on the ship ...

I will have to sort through my pics this week and post a little each day as I have lots to share :)

I hope you all had a blast on new years I know I did :) Happy to be home though in some sort of weird way..

Missed you all ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

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The Loss Adjuster said...

Welcome back!

ReRe said...

oh honey chile yes, brownies and blackies (like me) can burn! i burn more than my hubby who is the whitest man in the world!

Jossie Posie said...

Oh you so didn't miss us. Its okay I probably wouldn't either being in the lap of luxury and all like you were.

Hope you had an amazing time, brunt legs and all.

Andy said...

I'm hiding my jealousy with a smile... That appears to be an amazing trip!

Bon Don said...

YAY FAR's BACK!! Missed you doll!

I can't wait to hear all of your Fab. adventures!

Matt said...

Welcome back. Blogland missed you

The Odd Duck said...

Welcome back darlin' and I'm glad to hear you had fun on your trip.

I'm a brownie too so I know we can burn. I always laugh when that surprises people.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful thing.

*hugs* You've been missed.

Paula said...

I hope you rediscover your ankles soon! :)

Tough Girl 101 said...

Welcome back, and have no fear, you're not hte only one who came back from the holidays with cankles.

Liana said...

cant wait to hear more about the trip! and that the cankles go away haha!!

bex said...

Psh, what's five pounds to all that awesomeness. Glad to have you back!

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