History was made, I got no sleep & texting is the new black!

First I cannot blog today without first mentioning .................


Im smiling ear to ear today even though I was up till the wee hours glued to the tv!

Second my blog has a brand new look what do you all think??? :)

So I spent a few hours last night texting back and forth about the race with a guy I met a few months ago. Its a damn good thing i upgraded my texting plan to include 2500 outgoing and unlimited incoming messages because it seems people have forgotten how to pick up the phone! I see the benefits to texting I really do.. you have something small and quick to say so its easier to text it instead of calling or youre around people or at a movie and you have to tell your friend you are running late.. I get it but for the love of god if you insist on having an hour conversation with me via text why not just call??

At this point I realize I could have just picked up the phone myself but I was lazy... and I wasn't the one who kept texting even when no reply was needed. My question is since when has getting to know someone gone from in person to phone conversations to emails to texts?!!! The worst is when I was doing the online dating thing a few months back... you exchange msn chats & emails with a guy, you get along amazing so you think sure ill give him my # when he asks.... he asks... you give... he TEXTS! If I give you my number CALL me...

I can understand texting to say hey are you busy can we chat? but if I say I'm free don't continue to have a conversation over texts with me.. pick up the phone... at the very least aren't you curious to hear my voice to make sure I'm not another dude?? or a 65 yr old granny looking for a strapping young man?!!

Maybe its just easier to have long ass texting conversations when you have a Blackberry... which is why I ordered one lol... Hey if you cant beat em join em right?!!!

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Stay Pretty ;)


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

I'm a text-a-holic!


Mich said...

i text like there is no tomorrow!

i tihnk texting is a good way to break the ice but i do agree that it shouldnt be the ONLY form of communication.

i couldnt date someone who doesnt text though....

The Odd Duck said...

Far, I was watching the election with my neighbours until about 11 and when they announced California, I thought my college town exploded.

So proud to be an American.

I'm only just now getting into texting. Twitter has helped along with having an unlimited plan. I could go without but if i just need to send a short message it's perfect.

- Kendall

P. S. Did you know today is a national holiday in Kenya?

Miss Tiff said...

I'm a texting addict. I don't think I could date someone who didn't text. Though sometimes it can cause an issue with your guy.

Far said...

@ bow chica wah wah - I wont lie i DO text quite a bit.. and hell ya yay Obama!!

@ Mich - lol what if you met the perfect guy and he just didnt like texting? hmMMM

@ The odd duck - I know I watched till like 1am here it was pretty exciting especially the reaction in Kenya.. and no I didnt know it was a holiday there.. but now I do hehe

@ miss tiff - See my question to Mich lol and yes it can cause issues just like emails can because theres so much that can be lost in translation.

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout.

I use texting like you do. But when I want to have an actual conversation, I just call. Also I am pretty lazy and big fingers on a small phone kinda sucks.

Pam said...

I really like the new Layout.

And I have to admit...I text when unnessasary. My friend and I will carry a converstation through text message on for about 2 or 3 hours while doing nurmerous things. That is why I got an unlimited plan. Now my parents text me as well...

However, I don't think I could date anyone who would prefer to text me instead of call me.

P.S. Love your blog!

Bon Don said...

I too have gone over to the dark side with texting... it's Himbo's fault! that's all he does!

TOPolk said...

President Obama...such an awesome ring to it. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that last night actually happened.

So@24 said...

Yes, we did.

PS. After seeing your new picture, I've decided I must have you for my own. Think about it and get back to me at your leisure.


Paula said...

I'm more of a texter than a phoner. I always have been really. I LOVE text conversations - I miss having a guy to have silly text conversations with. :(

Himbo said...

Bon Don's a liar! Okay... maybe she's telling the truth, I text a lot but only because people text me.

I'll take a sexy voice over a text message any day.

And why is it that you'll say a lot more via text, than you would on the phone with the same person? It's like easier to hide behind a text. Are you the same way or am I a freak?

But you know sucks! There are some people I would love to talk to more, but they tend to text more than anything. But then there are the people you would really rather not speak to, a text would suffice, but they are the a$$holes that always want to call you... and then they have nothing to say, so they just sit there and talk about nothing, or just sit there all quiet like retards,. Urgh!

I took a month off from work recently, and didn't realize it but I went way over my limit on txt messages! I had an enormous cell phone bill... that's a first for me.

Himbo said...

P.S. President is the new black... tee hee jk!


ScoMan said...

Texting is great. That why I'm only ever interrupted during the commercial breaks of my show, rather than people ringing up during them.

Alecia said...

So funny, but oh so true!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Benedict Smith said...

calling a girl you met online is weird. awkward. texting a bit to break the ice isn't soooo bad.

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