Its Just Another Manic Monday!!

Good Monday morning :)

Its freakin brrr out today but super sunny which surprisingly didnt make me want to blast the heat straight into my face driving to work today...

Lots to talk about today...

Today is your absolute last chance to enter my giveaway so go comment here to enter by midnight tonight...

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Blog Secret Event. There are about 90 participants who emailed the organizer our "secrets" and she randomly distributed them around to the other participants. What does this mean? it means tomorrow I will be posting SOMEONE ELSE's secret as my post and someone else will have mine on theirs (anonymously of course). So make sure you check back tomorrow and comment on the big blog secret exchange. It should be interesting!

Today im going through some really stressful stuff in my "real" life so Im not in a very talkative mood sorry :( I hope you are all having a better day then I am right now...

Stay Pretty ;)


Bon Don said...

Ooh Booo... I hope what ever is troubling you, you can drink away! *smile*

seriously though...I'm sending positive thoughts for you to get de-stress and feel better!

Nilsa said...

Thanks for your blog love for BlogSecret. Unfortunately, we are not accepting any more submissions ... the deadline for that was Saturday ... but, all participants will be posting anonymous secrets tomorrow! Hope your day gets better.

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