From 25 to 33!

Ok so you all remember my 25 year old boy dilemma right? Well he asked me out again and while I'm pretty sure we have our differences and that I don't wanna corrupt him despite Brian in Mpls urges to do so! Anyway so I decided to go and see how I feel after... So Sunday we are seeing a movie... any suggestions as to which one?

I have also recently met a 33 year old who we shall call Mr. Crab cuz hes a cancer... We have been talking more recently and he asked me out for dinner... SO Friday night Ill be having dinner and maybe ice cream with Mr. Crab. He seems more suitable for me but who knows...

Truthfully as much as I want to be in a relationship there is a huge part of me that's scared to commit again. Ive technically been "single" for almost 2 years and while Ive gone on multiple dates I just haven't found anyone worth committing to... maybe I never will...

One thing I do know is that I'm SO not the cat lady type!

This is going to be one interesting weekend!

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Tough Girl 101 said...

Just remember not to force anything. There's nothing wrong with being single and living for yourself :-) I mean, it's... actually kind of awesome.

Mich said...

Go see Obsessed!!!!!!

its actually REALLY good!! i loved it!!

marathoner81 said...

I think you've made a smart choice. Can't wait to hear about the dates!

Angela said...

Sheesh girl! Make sure you don't double-book yourself one weekend!

sid said...

Haven't been to the cinema in ages! Good luck with the dates.

Belle Du Jour said...

I love your blog, very cute and interesting.
come stop by mine and say hello and take a look around!

xx Belle

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