Photoshoot Teasers, One great date & Rockband Mania!

Good Monday Morning!

Is today a good day?

Not a bad one for me I gotta say!

I had quite the productive busy weekend...

Fridays date with Mr.25 went really well... However I am taking this one date by date...

Saturday the DrunkBQ wasnt such a drunk one for me... Due to a mix up I had to drive and so no drunkenness for me.. Oh and we never made it to the bar because well.... Rockband got turned on and although I vowed I would never play that game.... I ended up singing to No doubt and Alanis.
ONLY because the music was so loud and no one could hear us (I made my gf sing with me). That and the fact that one of the guys got 0% on the guitar and I figured we couldn't do worse than 0%....
We ended up with 77% for the first song and like 50% for the second lol.

Sunday was my big photoshoot. I had 3 models, 2 female and 1 male, a photographer and a hair stylist and her assistant all at my condo for the shoot. I managed to snap these pics but none of the male model yet so Ill just have to wait for the professional pics to come in.

We spent about 6 hours on the shoot and took well over 1000 pics. I'm super excited but here are some teaser pics that I took with my camera and my crackberry.

Stylist & Makeup Artist: Moi ;) Far
Models: Narges & Mira

Stay Pretty ;)

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Jillian said...

Good Monday Morning F to the A-R!!

Glad to see you had a fruitful weekend?!?!!

Make-up looks great!! :)

Have a GREAT Monday!!?!?

becky said...

THe ladies looks gorgeous. You did a great job with their makeup :)

Mich said...

Holy SNAP! love the purple shadow!!!

cant wiat to see the professional pics!

Serena said...

You both look gorgeous - damn you! x

marathoner81 said...

very cool! Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE rockband. Sometimes I play everyday and then other times I'll go weeks without playing. It's definitely addictive.

Anonymous said...

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