Idol Spoiler & WHAT?! Dennis Rodmans 75??

So YES this is an American Idol spoiler so look away now if you still have it pvr'd and don't want to know :P


OK WTF?!!!
Adam baby I don't care if you lost... or quite frankly that you're gay I still want to marry you! Or at least mate with anyway I have to say this was the biggest upset Ive ever witnessed on Idol... but then again I rarely watch the show, except this year I tuned in to see Adam.... *drool*

I'm determined that Kris only won because hes from a smaller town. Its a fact that winners of A.I. are rarely if never from big cities cuz the people in bigger cities have better things to do with their lives than vote!

Yes this is what will help me sleep tonight lol...

Anyway ok Im over that... So guess what Im doing tonight??

You guessed it (or not) Ill be jammin with Dennis Rodman at his what... 75th birthday party here in the Tdot...wooot woot... I know youre all SO jealous!

Happy Birthday Rodman you crazy cross dressin summa bitch!!!

Also I have my 3rd date with Mr.25 tomorrow night... Hes actually surprising me I gotta say. We talk a lot... like at least twice a day.... which I gotta be honest is super weird for me cuz we all know I have issues letting someone get close these days but I guess cuz hes SO innocent and a "good guy" Ive lowered my guard a bit... ok I cant think about this too much or ill freak myself out haha..

This is also a huge weekend lots to do Ill let you guys in on the deets tomorrow..

BTW yesterday was 30° (some of you saw my tweet about this) YA well today... a cool 29°C!!

Its getting hot in herrrrrrr :P

Stay Pretty ;)

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SassyLittleGinger said...

"Adam baby I don't care if you lost... or quite frankly that you're gay I still want to marry you! Or at least mate with you."

you mean you want him to bang your brains out, right? because that's exactly what i want from him.

marathoner81 said...

I look at it this way...Adam is bigger than American Idol. He doesn't need them to have a career. AND did you really want that crappy/sappy song written for the winner to be his first single???

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