Today I feel....

Drained & Tired!!!!

How about you?
Just one of them days!!

Stay Pretty ;)



Jillian said...

right there with you sister! Tuck Fuesday for SURE!

You ever watch that VH1 show Tough Love?..their task was to take a photo of what they thought was sexy...and one of ladies took a picture with a dress, tiara, and 3 cupcakes..LOL that first photo made me think of that..RANDOM and POINTLESS I KNOW....but sharing is caring!?!?!

And thank you for the sweet comment!! :) I enjoy your posts!!

Oh and what the heck does PVR stand for?

Here we have DVR..Digital Video Recording (I assume) what does your P stand for? LOL Previously? Power? Post?

Hope you get a boost of energy soon!! :)

Serena said...

I hear ya x

Tough Girl 101 said...

That's one picture after another - that's hilarious! I especially love the kitten. Not that anyone wouldn'tlove the kitten.

I'm a little drained too :-\ wish I wasn't. I have a martial arts class tonight.

Born with a big mouth! said...

hey chic!!! I miss reading your blog eveyday. I have so much catching up to do too! things here suck AGAIN ... got my man back, just to find out he is not what i thought he was.... trying hard to move on. I will blog soon!!! Miss you!

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