Birthday Sex?!

No its not my birthday, nor is this post about sex but it is about Birthday Sex by Jeremih???

Am I the only one who likes this song and thinks its catchy??
What do you think?? Not a good video but just listen....

So Mr.Crab Im'd me on msn yesterday and I asked him if he had heard this song... he said no so I sent him the link and his response was "meh".... This coming from a man who was so hyped about sending me a Colbie Caillat track....

A 33 yr old straight man who thinks Colbie is the shit... and falls asleep in movies on first dates....

THIS is who likes me!! wow... Just shoot me!

Stay Pretty ;)

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marathoner81 said...

Ok - so manybe falling asleep during a movie isn't his only major flaw???!

Bombchell said...

I love that song!! they're killing it on the radio here. I hope he comes out with a nice vid.

Shasta said...

That is too funny. How does this happen? You are to fab to get a "meh."

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